Middle Child Syndrome ♥ The Weekend Guide #17

The Weekend Guide #17
Happy Friday readers! Today's topic is about being a middle child. I have two sisters, one that is 3 years older then me and one that is 7 years younger then me. So yes, I am a middle child that suffers from middle child syndrome. I know I am 23 but I've dealt with this my whole life! What is MCS? Well, its basically when the middle child feels ignored, isolated and neglected from the family. The oldest is usually the "first born" so they get all the attention and then the youngest is the "baby" of the family. So what am I? The loser of the family?

I found this article that better explains what it feels like to be a middle child. I completely agree with almost every statement. I am a loner. I do tend to misbehave and argue loudly just so I can speak and release emotions that I've been holding in. But I also somethings "go with the flow" and won't say anything because I know no will listen to me (which always happens). However, my outlet is being creativity. I relieve my family stress and loneliness through arts and crafts. My getaway is creating a world which I belong in. As the most creative in my family, I am really proud of that. My youngest sister doesn't have a creative bone in her body! Yet she constantly gets praised and rewarded by my parents. Even though she's really messy, never cleans up after herself and gets bad grades. My older sister also seeks attention or approval by stating her opinions all the time (even when not asked). She even starts her sentences with "I think" or "When I was". Anyways, the main reason why I wanted to talk about this is because lately I've been letting this MCS really get to me. I just needed to vet about me family.

Are any of you fellow middle children and do you feel the same way? Is it different if you are the only female or male middle child in the family. Or are you an older/younger child and what is your opinion on this?

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  1. Such an interesting post! Didn't even realise this was a thing!