Days 312-318 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 312: Remember last week when I told you about how my local Target hid away all the Tsum Tsums from me? Well, here they are! There are so many! Every time I visit this Target I make sure to check out this section in hopes to find more of the Alice and Wonderland Tsum Tsums!

Day 313: On Tuesday I talked about my first crochet painting. I'm so proud on how it came out! I'm planning on making more soon! I was thinking of making one inspired by latte art.

Day 314: Autumn leaves and a cold breeze.
Day 315: I made fairy cupcakes this week! I was really in the mood for some cupcakes and have been wanting to make fairy cakes, so I made some! They look kind of messy but they tasted amazing! The wings remind me of bananas!

Day 316: I'm collecting Amiibo cards again! I need to finish series 1 before series 2 comes out here in the States! I'm halfway there and need 49 more cards to complete this series! These are the cards I got again, so if you want to trade message me on Tumblr.

Day 317: My older sister made me take this picture. She wants to knit her own R2D2 stocking. She's obsessed with Star Wars, while I despise it! So because of her I've seen every Star Wars movie like three times and I'm being "forced" to watch the newest one.

Day 318: This reminded me of Lucy.

What fun things did you do this week/weekend?

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