Days 306-311 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 306: I love Frank Hearts You stickers! Their designs are really cute and different from other Etsy sticker shops. My favorite design are their hydrate stickers!

Day 307: Lucy being comfy and cozy on my bed. I think she's the cutest when sleeping.

Day 308: I recently found out that my Target was hiding their Tsum Tsums! I thought they had gotten rid of them but they were all the way in the back of the toy section! I got so excited that I bought two Minnie's, a regular one and a Christmas one!

Day 309: I finally finished my crochet painting! I'm dedicating a whole post on it! I will share my experience making it, share a few tips and take better pictures.

Day 310: I got my Birchbox in the mail on Staurday. I love the pattern of this month's box, it has a gorgeous floral deign on a mint and black box. My unboxing post will be up later this week.

Day 311: I love this color by Essie it's called Virgin Snow. It's a beautiful pastel periwinkle color, it's my new favorite nail polish.

What did you do this weekend?

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