Target Stationary Haul 3 ♥ Dollar Spot

Target Dollar Spot Stationary Haul
It's time for another stationary haul from my favorite places, the Target Dollar Spot! I didn't go too crazy this time so it's going to be a short post. Nonetheless, I hope you stationary junkies appreciate this little haul.

Target Dollar Spot Stationary Haul
After searching the Dollar Spot stationary section thoroughly I finally found some sticky note pads. I was instantly drawn to the wooden sticky notes because of the texture, plus it completely screams autumn! The mint color of the hexagon shaped note pads was also a must buy!

Target Dollar Spot Stationary Haul
I have a few of these cord keepers scattered around my room to help organize my cords. These are especially cute because they remind me of little bunny ears!

Target Dollar Spot Stationary Haul
So these flashy glitter washi tapes weren't from the dollar selection but I did get them at Target and they were on sale so I just thought I would included them. They only had three colors so I decided to buy them all, they were less then $2 each so I thought it was a great deal!

Target Dollar Spot Stationary Haul
Anybody else obsessed with the Target Dollar Spot?

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  1. I love your haul! The washi tapes are super cute. Thank you so much for sharing :3
    with love, Kathleen