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October Happy Mail Unboxing
It's time to unveil the contents in this month's Happy Mail. This month's color palette is very fall inspired with dark grays and black with hints of burgundy, oranges and dark blue. There is also a few pops of pink to continue the warmth of this month's theme. Let's see what in this month's autumn themed Happy Mail!

October Happy Mail Unboxing
Here are six of the cards. My favorites are the lipstick card, for the makeup junkie in your life. The rock candy, but I think the saying on the back should said "you rock" instead of "you make my life sweet". And lastly the pale pink card winking card, it should have said "winking of you" instead of "wink, wink. nudge, nudge. Say no more. say no more." but I guess I could always white it out if I wanted to. The other three cards were too bland for my taste.

October Happy Mail Unboxing
The postcard for this month says HECK YES in rainbow colored sequins. The other two cards are the biggest out of all the other cards. One is a Happy Birthday card, perfect for someone who has a birthday in autumn. The other card has a bunch of colorful records but they completely remind me of those Sprinkles cupcakes!

October Happy Mail Unboxing
For this month's extra stationary goods we got a HELLO MY NAME IS notepad and two mini tape dispensers with cute printed washi. I was really glad to finally see some actual washi tape instead of the washi strips we always get. They're pretty tiny to be honest but you can use the reuse the dispensers with washi that you already have.

October Happy Mail Unboxing
This is this month's Happy Mail print. It says, "What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life" as said by Mary Oliver.

October Happy Mail Unboxing
What did you think of the October Happy Mail? What was your favorite part?

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  1. This looks really cool! I love the print - those things look lovely when they're framed or you can even stick them up near your desk at work for some motivation. Love it.
    ❤ JH | www.hellojenniferhelen.com

    1. I keep them around my desk area for inspiration but I plan on framing them one day. <3