Days 284-291 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 284: Last week I only included 6 days and completely forgot to add my last picture! I decided to add it onto this week's 365 challenge post. This is my NYX lip gloss collection. You can probably guess what my go-to color is from the picture.

Day 285: I finally tried the Justin's peanut butter cups. I tried the milk chocolate version but I didn't really like it, too chocolaty for me. Next time I will try the white chocolate.

Day 286: Whenever there is a noise downstairs I send Lucy to see what it is. Usually it's just someone arriving home.

Day 287: My older sister bought me We Bear Bare stickers! She knows me very well!

Day 288: I bought my first (official) Memebox! Haul coming soon! I'm so excited to use those juice cleanse masks!

Day 289: Lucy went to the vent on Friday. She got a shot so they put a orange bandage on her. We even signed it (but I forgot to take a picture before she torn it off). She reminded me of the puppy in the Amazon Prime commercial!

Day 290: My Eevee print from Sharodactyl came in! Her Halloween packaging is so kawaii!

Day 291: I bought some thank you envelopes. I plan on using these for sending amiibo cards in and maybe for my shop? I've been wanting to reopen my shop for quite some time now. What items should I make? Dolls? Sleep masks? Let me know.

How was you weekend?

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