Days 278-283 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 278: If you are Hispanic then you probably grew up with Gansito's. This month they're coming out with red velvet flavored (one of my favorite flavors) Gansito's! They taste pretty great but have a very chocolaty after taste, which I'm not a fan of.
Day 279: A blurry photo of Lucy from my sister. She sends me Lucy updates while I'm at work. It keeps me positive!

Day 280: I tried Silk's dairy-free yogurt and was disappointed. I've notice that every dairy-free yogurt I've tried is very thin and watery, which I don't like. If anybody knows of a thicker dairy-free yogurt alternative please let me know. Until then, my journey to finding vegan yogurt continues!

Day 281: I was in need of a new moisturizer so I bought another Nature Republic watery cream but this time I got a different formula. I also bought the new Olay Overnight Mask because I was curious and wanted to see how it preformed against Korean sleeping packs. I'm still not sure if it's suppose to be a moisturizer or a overnight sleeping mask. It says both overnight mask and gel moisturizer...so which is it?

Day 282: I've been trading so many amiibo cards lately. And i finally received my first cards in the mail! I finally got Isabelle! Look at her! She's such a cutie!

Day 283: Lucy hugging Mooey! So cute!

How was your week and weekend?

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