Days 271-277 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 271: My expression every Monday morning.

Day 272: Finished playing Animal Crossing. Well, technically I didn't complete all of it but I finished designing all the major projects, like the school, cafe, shops, etc. I will be posting a review on the game later this month. Such a cute game!

 Day 273: Halloween stationary!

 Day 274: This week wasn't that exciting so I'm spamming you guys with cute Lucy pics!

 Day 275: The new designs on the Starbucks cups are so cute! But I never get hot drinks so sadly I won't look seasonal.

Day 276: These are my current amiibo cards I'm trading. If you are interested in any of them message me on my tumblr.

 Day 277: Anybody else jealous of their dogs lives?

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