Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack ♥ Beauty Review

Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack Beauty Review
Happy Halloween Eve! In the spirit of Halloween I made today's beauty product a little gory. I will be reviewing the Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack. This sleeping pack was inspired by a vampire's whitening glow and made from dragon blood tree extract. I really loved the TCFS pumpkin sleeping pack so I thought I would try their newest sleeping pack. I bought the sample packets because I didn't know if I would like the product or not. Let's see how this sleeping pact performed!

Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack Beauty Review
Product description:
"Offering a cream transfused with the secret beauty of vampires! This sleeping pack works its magic while you sleep."

- One packet can be used for two days
- Light fresh fruity scent (but you can barely smell it)
- Moisturizing
- Slightly brightening

- You have to wait 10-20 minutes until the pack dries completely
- Didn't notice that many results

My experience:
So for those who don't know what a sleeping pack is. It's basically a mask you sleep with. They're usually light gel-like masks, nothing too heavy though. When you wake up in the morning you wash off the excess and you have beautiful moisturized skin!

The Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack looked like strawberry marmalade, without the stickiness. It had a fairly fresh (slightly fruity) scent but it went away within minutes of application. I put this on as the last step of my skincare routine. I recommend you guys apply this an hour before you actually go to sleep so that you don't stick to your pillow. When I woke up I immediately went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face to remove the pack. My skin appeared slightly brighter and moisturized but it wasn't too noticeable. I used this pack every night for 20 nights in a row and didn't really notice anything special aside from a moisturized face. Overall, I was disappointed that this sleeping pack didn't impress me.

Would I recommend this product?
Not really. If you are looking for a sleeping pack I would recommend the Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack. That pack has more skincare benefits then this one.

You can purchase the Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack here

Too Cool For School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack Beauty Review
Do you use a sleeping pack?

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A Halloween Kpop Playlist ♥ October Playlist

It feels like I haven't posted a playlist in FOREVER! I stopped posting monthly playlists a while back because I didn't think a lot of people enjoyed them. However, I love creating playlists! I make one for every month, holiday, whatever mood I'm in, etc. Since it's almost Halloween I thought I would compile a playlist filled with my favorite kpop (with some jpop) Halloween songs along with their spooky Halloween music videos! Enjoy!

♫ ♪ Click here to hear the whole playlist ♪ 
What's your favorite Halloween song?

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Ariul Detox Box ♥ Memebox

Memebox Ariul Detox Box
A few weeks ago Memebox posted a Ariul box filled with Ariul skincare products. I've never heard of Ariul so I'm excited to try a new Korean brand. It cost around $24-27 (don't remember the actual price) so it wasn't too expensive so I went ahead and bought it because of how many sheet masks it contained. The box comes with a Ariul cleanser, mist, 4 juice cleanse sheet masks and 7 day sheet masks, that's 11 masks total! Sadly, this box isn't available anymore on the Memebox website but the individual products are, which I will link.

Everything came packaged well in a bright pink Memebox. It took a few days for my order to come in. Memebox is honestly the best website I've tried that ships Korean products in the US really fast to you, I highly recommend them!

Memebox Ariul Detox Box
Memebox Ariul Detox Box
This is a note that explains what every product does and how to use it along with the prices. It explains every mask too!

Memebox Ariul Detox Box
The box included a cleanser, the Stressful Relieving Purefull Cleansing Foam. I'm not a fan of foaming cleansers because they dry out your skin. However, I will try it a few times and if I don't love it I will give it to one of my sisters.

Memebox Ariul Detox Box
The second full-size product in the box was the Spa Water 24h Moisturizing Refreshing Mist. I've tried this a few times and it's really soothing. The packaging also feels really nice and good quality.

Memebox Ariul Detox Box
As a sheet mask fanatic I was so excited when I saw that this box contained 11 sheet masks! They send you 7 masks so you can use one on every day of the same week but I will most likely not follow that. There are four different scents avocado, lemon, acai berry  and bamboo water. You get three avocado, two lemon and one of the acai berry and bamboo water mask.

Memebox Ariul Detox Box
Last but not least are the Juice Cleanse Masks! I'm looking forward to trying these out because they're inspired by actual juice cleanses. The masks are filled with rich nutrients and vitamins that help strengthen your skin and increase its immunity to harsh elements. There are four masks including Raspberry and Lentil, Wheat and Celery, Kale and Grapefruit and Spearmint and Green Apple.

Memebox Ariul Detox Box
Do you want me to review any of these products?

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The Wishi Washi Shop + Cute By Design Co ♥ Stationary Haul

The Wishi Washi Shop + Cute By Design Co Stationary Haul
It's time for another stationary haul! I hope you guys aren't bored of these posts yet!  I'm trying my best to space out these stationary posts along with my beauty and lifestyle posts. I don't want this blog to solely be a stationary blog. With that said, I'm going to be ordering winter and Christmas stickers soon, which means more hauls! Yay! Anyways, on to today's Etsy stationary haul I'm featuring The Wishi Washi Shop and Cute By Design Co.

The Wishi Washi Shop Stationary Haul
The Wishi Washi Shop Stationary Haul
When I saw these shopping bag stickers I had to get them! You can use these to mark shopping days or track online shop orders.

The Wishi Washi Shop Stationary Haul
This is why I placed my order on The Wishi Washi Shop. I saw a picture of this on the Wishi Washi Shop Instagram and I immediately bought them. Starbucks holiday drinks are my favorite so I can't wait o use these! These sticker cups aren't available anymore but you can't buy similar ones here.

Cute By Design Co Stationary Haul
Next I have this adorable Baymax paper clip by Cute By Design. Cute By Design has some very cute paper clips but they're currently on hiatus so I recommend you guys follow them on their Instagram to stay updated on their reopening and updates on their latest products.

The Wishi Washi Shop + Cute By Design Co Stationary Haul
Who's ready for Christmas stationary/craft supplies?

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Days 292-298 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 292: Tsum Tsum socks! Anybody else hate wearing cute socks because they might get dirty?

Day 293: Mind the chipped nail polish... I keep cute bags for whenever I have leftover pastries to take to work. It makes life more cute!

Day 294: My latest obsession is Yoplait Whips, aka fluffy yogurt! Every time I go to a store that sells this yogurt I stock up on them!

Day 295: Family went out on Thursday. So I stayed in and ordered Pizza and played Splatoon.

Day 296: My mom bought the Star Wars creamer! ARGH! Now every time I open the fridge R2D2 haunts me!

Day 297: If you've been following me on Snapchat (user: mooeyandfriends) then you know what this is for. I'm in the process of my crocheting my first painting! I was inspired by Twinkie Chan (my crochet inspiration). As soon as I finish I will share pictures with you guys!

Day 298: I used one of the green juice sheet masks by Arial. Kind of disappointed to be honest. I will post a review once I try the other masks.

How was your weekend? And what are your Halloween plans for next week?

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Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream ♥ Beauty Review

Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream Review
I've been trying to find an amazing cream/moisturizer for years! I've found a few that did a fairly good job at hydrating and keeping my skin moisturized but not a go-to favorite moisturizer. And now since the colder months are here I need to find another cream to keep my skin nourished from the harsh weather. What I'm saying is that I've been testing many moisturizers and creams lately. So don't be surprise if I post a few skincare reviews (mainly on creams) in the next couple of weeks.

Today I will be review a cream I got early last month. It's the Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream. I got this in a Memebox Haul. Not gonna lie I completely bought this for the cute packaging! There are two types of this "miracle capsule cream". The polar bear cream which is for dry skin and the black bear cream which is for oily skin. Since I have oily/combination skin I went with the black bear. Let's see whether or not this product worked for me.

Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream Review
Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream Review
Product description
"This anti-winkle moisturizer is enriched with glacial water and 24 types of nourishing oil to deliver a surge of moisture to the skin to firm, rejuvenate, and revitalize the skin."

- Lightweight
- Great for those with oily skin
- Cute packaging
- Moisturizing
- Anti-wrinkle
- Not sticky
- Affordable
- Light smell
- A little goes a long way

- Not much product
- Non hygienic (I wish it came with a spatula)
- Not that hydrating

My experience
The product is a lightweight clear watery gel, reminds me of hair gel. It does have a faint scent that goes away within minutes. Once applied to your skin it dries to a matte finish without any stickiness.

The first couple of days I liked this product but then I started to notice a few things. First off, I dry patches. I would get dry patches throughout the day on my chin, at night I would get them the next morning. Next problem, it didn't come with a spatula. I wish more companies would included plastic spatulas with their creams because if you don't use one when applying on skincare products you can completely contaminate the product itself, which could lead to breakouts. Last concern I have is the size. There is 50ml of product in the container. When it comes to creams I would like a bigger size so that it lasts a long time, a couple of months at least. I used this all up in 3 weeks, but you could probably get away using this a whole month though.

Would you recommend this product?
If you have really oily skin then yes. But if you have a few dry spots on your face then no.

You can purchase the Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream here

Shara Shara Black Bear Miracle Capsule Cream Review
What moisturizer are you currently using?

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My Planner Essentials ♥ Planning 101

Planner Essentials
As you guys know I'm a huge planner junkie. So I want to start posting some helpful planner/planning advice  and tips. I don't have that many ideas on what I could post about, so if you have any ideas let me know! I think I will post these planning posts every couple of weeks, not too often though. Let me know your thought on this idea.

For my first planning 101 series I am sharing my planner essentials. I've played around with many types of stationary supplies and have found what works for my planning routine, so of course I have to share what works for me with you guys. These items have made my planner routine much easier.

Planner Essentials
Obviously you need a planner! I use the Bando agenda. This one isn't available anymore but I think you can leave your email at Bando to be the first to know when they get more.

Planner Paper Clips
I think planner clips are very helpful to mark your important pages in your planner. I use one to bookmark the monthly calendar and the other one for my weekly spread. The Baymax clip is from Cute By Deisgn Co and the glittery cow is from The Angel Shoppe.

Planner Essentials
Sticker Album 
I keep my most used individual sheets of stickers in that cute Eevee photo album which I got from Micheal's for $1! This sticker book makes picking out stickers a breeze because you can see all your stickers organized in a small booklet!

Accordion Sticker Storage
The pink striped accordion storage thing is from the Target dollar spot. I keep larger sticker sheets that don't fit in the sticker album in here.

Planner Essentials
I use notepads to remind me of important dates and tasks I need to do throughout the week . You can find these on ebay for an affordable price.

Correction Tape
White-out is incredibly important! I use this adorable strawberry milk correction tape to white-out any mistakes or anything printed in my planner that I don't like.

Adhesive Runner
This has been a lifesaver! I used to use double-sided tape to adhere everything on my planner but don't started to get annoying. So I bought this adhesive runner from Micheal's. It's a roll-on adhesive that makes attaching things more simple.

I don't use scissors too often, only when I'm cutting washi tape. I mean you can tear the washi tape but I'm not good at that. So I use this tiny pair of scissors to snip away washi.

Planner Essentials
Thin Washi Tape
Speaking of washi! Washi tape is really fun to use and it makes your planner even more magical! However, once I found thin washi tape it completely change my thoughts on washi tape! You can use thin washi tape to make lines in your planner, which it what I use it for. You can find thin washi tape at Micheal's or here.

Colorful Pens
We all need pens to write in our planners. I'm not picky with pens (at least not yet) I just use the ones I have laying around, which just so happens to be my Baymax pens.

Planner Essentials
What are some of your planning essentials?

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October Happy Mail ♥ Monthly Subscription

October Happy Mail Unboxing
It's time to unveil the contents in this month's Happy Mail. This month's color palette is very fall inspired with dark grays and black with hints of burgundy, oranges and dark blue. There is also a few pops of pink to continue the warmth of this month's theme. Let's see what in this month's autumn themed Happy Mail!

October Happy Mail Unboxing
Here are six of the cards. My favorites are the lipstick card, for the makeup junkie in your life. The rock candy, but I think the saying on the back should said "you rock" instead of "you make my life sweet". And lastly the pale pink card winking card, it should have said "winking of you" instead of "wink, wink. nudge, nudge. Say no more. say no more." but I guess I could always white it out if I wanted to. The other three cards were too bland for my taste.

October Happy Mail Unboxing
The postcard for this month says HECK YES in rainbow colored sequins. The other two cards are the biggest out of all the other cards. One is a Happy Birthday card, perfect for someone who has a birthday in autumn. The other card has a bunch of colorful records but they completely remind me of those Sprinkles cupcakes!

October Happy Mail Unboxing
For this month's extra stationary goods we got a HELLO MY NAME IS notepad and two mini tape dispensers with cute printed washi. I was really glad to finally see some actual washi tape instead of the washi strips we always get. They're pretty tiny to be honest but you can use the reuse the dispensers with washi that you already have.

October Happy Mail Unboxing
This is this month's Happy Mail print. It says, "What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life" as said by Mary Oliver.

October Happy Mail Unboxing
What did you think of the October Happy Mail? What was your favorite part?

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