Days 264-270 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 264: My new Baymax planner clip! From Cute By Design Co. So cute!

Day 265: New stickers! Both of these are from TheWishiWashiShop. Isn't the coffee cup stickers on a coffee cup such a cute idea!

Day 266: I received these black slouchy thigh-high boots as part of my Mod Cloth Stylish Surprise. It's not my style, if anyone wants to trade or buy them let me know.

Day 267: In honor of the release of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer I made this coffee cozy inspired by the red work blazer you wear in the game. Click here to see the free crochet pattern.

Day 268: Speaking of Animal Crossing! I've been playing ACHHD game since I bought it and I'm completely hooked! I'm also obsessed with the cards! I may have just bought more cards online! I have a few doubles so if anyone wants to trade let me know. I will send in cute stationary!

Day 269: On Friday, we went on a weekend trip to the beach. It was a last minute decision but I decided to go. We even brought Lucy with us!

Day 270: Lucy loved the beach! Look how happy she is! She was scared of the water though but she loved the sand!

What did you do this week/weekend?

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