Days 257-263 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 257: You can also you the PSL sweater coffee cozy on iced/frozen drinks. No more wet hands!

Day 258: My sister knitted this pinata plush. I completely ship it with my alpacasso!

Day 259: My younger sister was brushing Lucy's teeth. When I walked into the bathroom to see how she was doing, Lucy was laying in the sink! She looked soooooo cute! This is the after picture of Lucy about to jump off. I'm disappointed that I couldn't take a picture of her in the sink on time!

Day 260: You can never have enough cute stationary!

Day 261: I recently discovered this macaroni and cheese by Amy's and it's amazing! Definitely recommend this!

Day 262: Just coloring in a adult coloring book. Perfect for relaxing!

Day 263: So I completely understand that the new Star Wars movie is a big deal and everything but COME ON! Star Wars coffee creamer? This is getting ridiculous! Makeup, cereal, chicken noodle soup, fabric, Star Wars Friday? Michael's even had a Star Wars event! It's not even December yet! I think I'm going to go mad!

Anyone else fed up with all the Star Wars mania?

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  1. I'm fed up of it, i wont be watching the new films, im over them =]


    1. I just think they're promoting the franchise way too much! I mean what's next? Star Warms tampons? Don't get me wrong, I've seen all the movies and I'm curious to see what today's technology can bring to the new films. But they should really calm down with the ridiculous promotions. <3

  2. I love those coloring books too. My favorite form of art therapy. :)


    1. I know, right? Great for when your feeling stressed out! I need to buy one, that one is my sister's. <3