Days 243-249 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 243: On Monday, I posted my Etsy shop review on Rory's Sweet Addiction. Click here to view that blog post. By the way, I will be posting a Etsy sticker haul/review every Monday follow by another stationary related post on Thursday for now on (until otherwise stated).

Day 244: When I saw Lucy sleeping like this at night I absolutely had to take a picture! She's sooooo cute!

Day 245: We finally bought a Wii U and Splatoon! When I heard them announce Splatoon last year I wasn't even interested in the game, but it's so addicting! My sister's and I have been playing it non-stop ever since we got it! It's so much fun!

Day 246: I've been eyeing Memebox for a while, so I finally decided to place my first order with them. I bought a new toner and cream to test out (let me know if you want reviews on these products). I also bought a mask and some cushion puffs.

Day 247: I received some tsum tsum themed goodies on Friday! The tsum tsum stickers are from xomamaplans. Follow her on Instagram if you want to know when she is selling these sets! The Frozen's Anna key chain is from one of those tsum tsum arcade machines. So much tsum tsum cuteness!

Day 248: We made a visit to Trader Joe's on Saturday. I bought some non-dairy  ice cream and yogurt. I really want to stop eating dairy so I'm trying to find some milk-free alternatives. I really loved the ice cream but I wasn't a fan of the yogurt. I can't seem to find any descent vegan yogurts around me!

Day 249: I Had my first pumpkin spice latte of the year! You thought Starbucks couldn't make their PSL taste any better? Well, they did! By adding real pumpkin to their lattes this year! This also makes the drink look a lot more orange then before. I liked the pumpkin spice latte before but I'm honestly in love with this new formula! It's a lot more rich and has a more potent pumpkin flavor.

Have you tried a pumpkin spice latte yet?

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