September Happy Mail ♥ Monthly Subscription

September Happy Mail
Happy National Coffee Day! As a fellow coffee addict I just has to say that. Speaking of coffee, that seems to be the theme of September's Happy Mail. They included many coffee related tid bits such as coffee cup printed washi tape, a few cards and even a special gift especially for your coffee!

September Happy Mail
September Happy Mail
Here are five out of eight of the cards in this month's Happy Mail. I was really impressed with this month's selection of cards. The venti cup, the shopping bag "thank you very much", and the you make me feel cards are all so adorable! I had so many favorite to choose from!

September Happy Mail
This is another card with a matching envelope, not my favorite (but the next two make up for it). Also, this month's postcard which has cute colorful typewriters.

September Happy Mail
The last two cards are large cards in beautiful autumn colors. I want to frame both of these and keep in my room to make my room look more seasonal. My favorite card this month has to be the latte art card! So cute!

September Happy Mail
Another page of washi strips, look at the coffee washi! A new item introduced in this month's Happy Mail are these emoji page flags! I collect page flags so I will definitely use (sooner or later).

September Happy Mail
For this month's print they decided to try something different. They made these DIY cut out coffee cup cozies. When I saw this I got incredibly happy, since I love coffee! I hope they include more cut outs in the future!

September Happy Mail
September Happy Mail
Which is your favorite card?

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Scribble Prints Co + Angel Shoppe ♥ Sticker Haul

Scribble Prints Co and Angel Shoppe Sticker Haul
Today, I have not one but two shop reviews! Since I don't always order a bulk of stationary supplies in every order I thought I would combine a few smaller orders into a 2-in-1 mini review post. I will be reviewing a very popular sticker shop called Scribble Prints Co. I also bought a cute clip from The Angel Shoppe that I had to share!

Scribble Prints Co Sticker Haul
When I first started buying Etsy stickers all I ever heard about was Scribble Prints Co! A lot of people love Scribble Prints, because they have cute and colorful stickers. Her stickers are especially designed to fit the Erin Condren planner perfectly. I finally placed my first order with Scribble Prints and ordered the pink lemonade stickers that I've had my eye's since I first saw them! I did have a problem when I received my order in the mail. My stickers came bent (you can kind of tell from the pictures). Thankfully, they're not too bent. You would think a popular shop like this would at least use better mailers.

Anyways, I bought both of the pink lemonade sticker sheets. The one on the left has 8 box squares with a pink lemonade color palette, this sheet is glossy. The stickers on the right are all washi strips with the same pink lemonade designs, these are all on matte sticker paper. I don't understand why they put one sheet of stickers on glossy paper and the other on matte. Personally, I prefer matte sticker paper because it's easier to take off (in case of mistakes) and it just feels better.

Looking back on it now I probably didn't need these stickers. I mean, I bought these thinking I would make a summer lemonade spread but autumn is here and I really don't have any use for them until next year. Just another impulse buy.

Scribble Prints Co Sticker Haul
This is the freebie that they sent. It's really cute and has a autumn theme and an adorable pug!

Angel Shoppe Haul
Angel Shoppe
The Angel Shoppe is a cute stationary shop located in Canada. Angel Shoppe is mainly known for their planner paper clips, even though their stickers are also insanely cute! My order took exactly one week for my order to arrive. It also came packaged cute in a card with washi tape securely holding the clip in place.

I bought the pink glitter cow clip, which was only up on the shop for a few days. The cow is made from good quality card stock and the paper clip feels sturdy. Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase and would purchase from this shop again.

Scribble Prints Co and Angel Shoppe Sticker Haul
What are some of your favorite places to buy stationary supplies?

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Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy ♥ Crochet Pattern

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
In honor of today's release of the new Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer game. I wanted to make a special Animal Crossing themed DIY. The original project I had planned didn't turn out the way I wanted to so I scraped the idea. I couldn't come up with another idea so I used the PSL sweater coffee cozy pattern to create the famous red blazer you get to wear in the game. I did make some slight changes to the pattern but nothing too dramatic.

In Animal Crossing Happy Home Design you work for Nook as part of Nook's Home. You work alongside Lyle, Digby and Lottie, the newest addition to the Animal Crossing family! In the game, you are a interior decorator who decorates Animal Crossing villagers homes. I drew inspiration from the red blazer that you wear in the game (you must where this blazer at all working hours). I think this is a really cute crochet project that you can make for yourself (or a friend) and give them as a gift.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
You will need:
- Red yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver)
- White yarn
- Yellow yarn
- H/5.00 mm size crochet hook
- Yarn needle
- Scissors
- Mini white buttons (optional)

Dc - double crochet
Sc - single crochet
Cc - color change
ch(s) - chain(es)
st(s) - stitch(es)

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
Sweater Cozy:
Ch 13 sts, dc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts
{Ch 1, turn, dc 12 sts. Total = 12 sts } repeat 18x times total
Cut off leaving a long tail to sew

To create the blazer collar. You are going to want to fold the top part of your cozy into a slant. Slant at each end, making the sure the middle is a slight line (like in the PSL cozy pattern) and carefully sew into place. You may use pins to keep your piece from moving.

Now, sew the sides together with needle. Form a tube shape (this is where your coffee cup will go through) and sew close.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
Sleeves: (Make 2)
Ch 6, sl st to first st to create a loop.
{Sc 6 sts. Total = 6 sts} repeat 9 times
Cc to white yarn and sc 6 sts.
Cut off leaving a long tail for sewing

To assemble the sleeves weave the long string of yarn all the way to the top where you began (the rounded part). Sew one sleeve onto the part of the sweater directly one stitch under the sweater collar. Make sure no stitches are visible. Repeat on the other side with second sleeve.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
I used a strand of yellow yarn to make a cute bow. I simply inserted my crochet hook in the cozy (in between where the two collars meet) and weaved through the yarn. I then made a double knotted bow, you can make a tie if you prefer.

The blazer that the characters wear in the game has a total of seven buttons, three in the middle and two on each sleeve. I didn't have any tiny white buttons so I just used white yarn and weaved them through. If you have mini white buttons feel free to use those.


Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Blazer Coffee Cozy
Are you a fan of Animal Crossing?

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Days 264-270 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 264: My new Baymax planner clip! From Cute By Design Co. So cute!

Day 265: New stickers! Both of these are from TheWishiWashiShop. Isn't the coffee cup stickers on a coffee cup such a cute idea!

Day 266: I received these black slouchy thigh-high boots as part of my Mod Cloth Stylish Surprise. It's not my style, if anyone wants to trade or buy them let me know.

Day 267: In honor of the release of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer I made this coffee cozy inspired by the red work blazer you wear in the game. Click here to see the free crochet pattern.

Day 268: Speaking of Animal Crossing! I've been playing ACHHD game since I bought it and I'm completely hooked! I'm also obsessed with the cards! I may have just bought more cards online! I have a few doubles so if anyone wants to trade let me know. I will send in cute stationary!

Day 269: On Friday, we went on a weekend trip to the beach. It was a last minute decision but I decided to go. We even brought Lucy with us!

Day 270: Lucy loved the beach! Look how happy she is! She was scared of the water though but she loved the sand!

What did you do this week/weekend?

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Stationary Haul ♥ Michael's + Aloha Prints Co

I mentioned in a post a while back that I regretted not buying "chocolate frosting" stickers from Michael's, well guess what? I went back and bought them! I also bought some another stationary supplies from Michael's so of course I had to make another stationary post. I also included a few items I bought from Aloha Prints Co because I didn't know where else to include it.

Along with the chocolate frosting stickers I also found these cute sock money stickers and I had to buy them! I have a slight obsession with sock monkeys so I couldn't leave without them!

Right when I was about to check out I passed by the dollar section of Michael's and completely got fooled into getting this adorable notebook. I love the design of the notebook, it looks like a pastry board that you would see at a Parisian cafe. Plus, it was only a dollar so I couldn't say no!

I originally went to Michael's to purchase a correction tape. Before I bought this I use to used double sided tape to glue everything together. I got annoyed that I would have to cut away excess tape so I invested in a correction tape tool. This has made my planning routine much more simple.

I wanted to include some cute seasonal washi tape that I bought from Aloha Prints Co. I bought the autumn leaves to decorate my planner from September to November. The bottom washi tape is probably my favorite! I bought it to use in my October spread and I can't wait to use it! It's black and has Halloween candy and lollipops everywhere!

Where do you shop for stationary supplies?

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September Birchbox ♥ Monthly Subscription

It's time to share what I received in my September Birchbox. This month Birchbox is celebrating their five year anniversary! Birchbox had many fun surprises for their subscribers this month as a Thank You for sticking around with them. They had crazy deals, I was able to score a serum I wanted for a long time for $15 and it's original price is $75! This month's box were inspired by a few mood boards created buy subscribers. Some Birchbox employee's even called a few customers and gave them 500 points in the Birchbox. I didn't get called and I've been a loyal Birchbox member since 2011, just saying. But enough about customer appreciation month, on to the actual box!

Box overview

Amika The shield Style Extending Spray Full-size, $24
"Heat-activated formula that protects against frizz, pollution, UV rays, and extreme heat."

I'm kind of tired of receiving Amika products in my Birchbox. Didn't I get one of these in a previous box already? Don't get me wrong Amika products are pretty amazing but when you constantly receive the same item in your box it becomes tiresome.

Pop Beauty Pop Portfolio Eye Shadow Sugar Plum Full-size, $45
"A trifecta of long-wearing, blendable eye shadows in bold, pigmented purple."

This was the sample choice I decided to pick. Last time Birchbox featured a Pop Beauty eye shadow trio I completely lucked out! So, I made sure to pre-order this right as soon as I got my sample choice email. The colors have a eggplant tone to them, which is not my ideal color palette. Guess I'm going to have to play around with these to see if I can come up with something natural.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Cleanser Full-size, $32
"A best-selling face wash that minimizes pores and leaves skin clean, fresh, and velvety smooth."

Aside from fragrance samples, cleansers are my second least favorite sample to get in my Birchbox. Why? Because I love the cleanser I'm currently using. So, I'm not interested in trying a new cleanser. This is probably the fifth cleanser that I've received and won't be using.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep Full-size, $20
"The water-resistant fiber gel adheres to hair while the precision tip lets you shape and blend with ease."

I was really excited to get this in my box! I feel like Birchbox doesn't include many brow products in their boxes. This is a very tiny sample but I've used it a few times already and adore it! I might have to get the full-size!

Harvey Prince Eau So Divine Full-size, $9
"Notes of Italian lemon, Japanese lily, Moroccan jasmine, and Madagascar vanilla make up this scent."

Wow a Harvey Prince perfume that actually is affordable! Every time I receive a Harvey Prince fragrance in my box it's usually really expensive, when I saw the price on this one I did a double take!

What did you receive in your September Birchbox?

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