Stationary Haul ♥ Target Dollar Spot

I've been really into planning and stationary accessories lately. I've always been obsessed with stationary but now that I have my Bando agenda I feel like I have an excuse to buy adorable stickers, note pads and washi tape! I started following a lot of planner addicts on Instagram and they seem to find the cutest stationary items at the Dollar Spot of Target. So, my sister and I decided to visit Target to see if we could find any fun stationary goodies!

These are really cute note pads. I love the 'to do' one so much that I bought two.

This was the first thing that I found and immediately put in my basket. My stickers will be stored in here. I adore the pink and white stripe pattern!

I'm still not sure if I plan on stamping in my agenda but just in case I went ahead and bought these two. They were each $3 but sadly don't come with a ink pad, make sure to buy one if you plan on buying these.

I wanted some washi tape to decorate my planner with. I looked everywhere in the dollar section and finally found this gold washi tape. The pastel colored polka dot washi tape are from Scotch and cost around $2-3.

Are you stationary/planner addict?

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