Days 229-235 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 229: I found these new Rainbow Sherbet flavored Fruity Pebbles at my local Target and freaked out! Fruity Pebbles is one of my favorite cereals and the fact that they have a ice cream version makes me incredibly happy! I need to buy a box on my next trip!

Day 230: On another Target trip (I literally go there everyday) I discovered this tooth fairy plush toy in the children's bedding section. There is a pocket on the back (on it's bum) where you can store a tooth and money! So cute!

Day 231: More Disney Tsum Tsums to add to my collection, from the Aladdin collection!

Day 232: This ice cream was made for me! It's the cutest tub of ice cream I've ever seen! I regret not buying it a tub (or two). White chocolate flavored raspberry with ribbons of raspberry sauce dotted with with white chocolate raspberry-swirled chips! Even the description sounds adorable!

Day 233: Stationary supplies madness! Expect tons of hauls!

Day 234: BAEmax pens! Can't wait to use them on my Bando agenda this week! Speaking of Baymax, I watch Big Hero 6 Saturday night for like the 1816639817 time!

Day 235: Finally, got the burrito I've been craving all weekend! Chipotle burritos are GIGANTIC!

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe weekend!

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  1. Great post, pretty stationery =]