Days 208-214 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 208: My sister bought me the famous Korean Choco Pies! They taste like Moon Pies but softer! I almost finish this whole box in a week!

Day 209: When bae is mad at you...

Day 210: These are amazingly delicious!

Day 211: I posted a summer themed What's In My Bag on Thursday. I'm going to try to make these posts seasonal, next one coming in autumn!

Day 212: Lucy vs yarn.

Day 213: Chipotle! I always get a burrito but I decided to get a burrito bowl this time. Full of fresh veggies!

Day 214: Planning time! I'm so excited to finally start planning my Bando planner! I bought a bunch of stationary supplies (hauls coming soon) and even made a tassel for my planner. Do you guys want a DIY on the tassel? It's super easy to make!

What did you do this week and weekend?

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