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Are you ready to see this month's Happy Mail? I got my Happy Mail a few weeks ago but kept pushing this post back for whatever reason. However, now is the time to show you what cards and other stationary goodies I got in August Happy Mail kit.

Some of the card contain sliver mirrored foil, such as the engagement ring and moon cycle cards. There is also some bright colorful cards like the old fashion phone, succulent/cactus and Andy Warhol style banana gift cards. Lastly, is the hand drawn polka dot thank you card, this one came with no envelope. I was very glad to see a thank you card, I wish they would include more of these because I tend to use thank you cards very often.

Next, are these the biggest cards of the bunch. They had this very sad looking Happy Birthday card, (why waste perfectly made cupcakes?) but it's one of my favorite cards! There is also a eye reader card with a cute saying, can you read what it says?

For the postcard this month they were inspired by those free paint card swatches that you can get at paint shops. I think I would've loved this card more if they added a blue strip instead of two green strips, but that's just my personal preference.

Now onto my favorite part, the extras! They included more word stickers with cute phrases. Also, another notepad with gold polka dots. I've used this so much already, I think it's the perfect size to write down notes on.

Last but not least is this month's print. It says "Stand Out" on a bright yellow background and a plant. Not a big fan of this print, I think the background is pretty random too.

What's your favorite part from this month's Happy Mail?

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