Rory's Sweet Addiction ♥ Sticker Haul

It's time for another Etsy sticker haul! Today's featured shop is Rory's Sweet Addiction. I stumbled across Rory's Sweet Addiction while I was shopping from other planner stickers stores and fell in love with their pastel colored stickers.

It took 3 weeks for my package to arrive to me. I placed my order on August 3, they shipped my package out on August 17 and I received it on August 22 (they ship out of Texas in case you were wondering). Whenever I messaged Aurora about my order she was super sweet and she even included a really cute monthly extra that you will see in just a bit! Overall, I was pretty satisfied with my order from Rory's Sweet Addiction and I would recommend this shop! But, like most planner sticker shops it will take a while for your package to arrive to you.

A fun sticker sampler with a variety of stickers to choose from. She includes one of these with every order and a thank you card.

When I heard that she was giving these coffee sticker sheets with every order in August I was super excited! I am a huge coffee drinker and coffee stickers are always my favorite to purchase! Make sure to follow Aurora on Instagram to see when she is giving out extra freebies and for other promotions.

Now on to the stickers that I ordered! I wanted some pastel clipboard stickers for days when I have something exciting planned. I also bought more heart checklist stickers, these are pastel and really adorable! My favorite heart checklist I've bought so far!

More pastel colored stickers! I order these cute pastel section headers. you can choose whatever you want the headers to say but I decided to leave them blank so that I can personally fill out each sticker myself. I also bought rounded heart half boxes. I kind of regret getting these because I already have the half heart checklists so I didn't really need these but I will find a use for them.

The last sheet of stickers I bought is this ice cream sticker set. I really wanted to make a ice cream spread in my planner but I didn't think these stickers would arrive late so that pushed back my plans (pun not intended). I think I might just make a ice cream/desserts week in September so that I can use some of these stickers up and not let them sit in dust.

What's your favorite Etsy shop?

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Days 236-242 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 236: My Planner Junkie Haul is up! Check out my shop experience and what stickers I ordered from The Planner Junkie here.

Day 237: I made an updated loving lavender post. I'm still loving this beautiful color 5 months later!

Day 238: Every time I leave for work I have to lock Lucy in her cage (if nobody else is home). It breaks my heart! Look at those eyes! *cries*

Day 239: Nothing tastes better then a iced soy caramel macchiato on a late summer evening. One of my favorite drinks to get from Starbucks! Excuse the naked nail!

Day 240: Happy national dog puppy day to my beautiful bagel, Lucy!

Day 241: Sprinkled Donut Crunch! Why are all these cereal companies making such amazing cereals nowadays?!?!

Day 242: I tried the new Strawberry Shortcake frappuccino from Starbucks (patiently waiting for the pumpkin spice latte). It tastes like a strawberry smoothie with some cookie butter blended in.

Do you have any fun events planned in August?

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August Happy Mail ♥ Monthly Subscription

Are you ready to see this month's Happy Mail? I got my Happy Mail a few weeks ago but kept pushing this post back for whatever reason. However, now is the time to show you what cards and other stationary goodies I got in August Happy Mail kit.

Some of the card contain sliver mirrored foil, such as the engagement ring and moon cycle cards. There is also some bright colorful cards like the old fashion phone, succulent/cactus and Andy Warhol style banana gift cards. Lastly, is the hand drawn polka dot thank you card, this one came with no envelope. I was very glad to see a thank you card, I wish they would include more of these because I tend to use thank you cards very often.

Next, are these the biggest cards of the bunch. They had this very sad looking Happy Birthday card, (why waste perfectly made cupcakes?) but it's one of my favorite cards! There is also a eye reader card with a cute saying, can you read what it says?

For the postcard this month they were inspired by those free paint card swatches that you can get at paint shops. I think I would've loved this card more if they added a blue strip instead of two green strips, but that's just my personal preference.

Now onto my favorite part, the extras! They included more word stickers with cute phrases. Also, another notepad with gold polka dots. I've used this so much already, I think it's the perfect size to write down notes on.

Last but not least is this month's print. It says "Stand Out" on a bright yellow background and a plant. Not a big fan of this print, I think the background is pretty random too.

What's your favorite part from this month's Happy Mail?

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Another Stationary Haul ♥ Target + Target Dollar Spot

It's time again for another Target stationary haul! I bought all these items on separate trips so I thought I would combine everything into one and make a post.  I know some of you must be tired of these posts by now but I still have more to come!

I needed some paper clips and found this pastel kit at the stationary section of Target. It comes with wooden thumbtacks, pastel paper clips and these beautiful patterned paper clasps in various sizes. I love the whole theme color scheme of this kit.

I finally found some page flags at my local Target Dollar Spot! However, it's the only color they currently carry. I hope my Target gets more soon! I also bought this "To Do" refrigerator magnet note pad, it's the same font as the mini to do notepad I got from Target a few weeks ago.

I've seen this decorative paper pad at Target dozen of times but I finally decided to cave in and buy it. It has so many fun patterned paper. I started using some of this paper in my planner for this week's spread.

I got these Yoobi glue sticks mainly because they were on sale for $1. I've been using my double side tape as my main adhesive but I thought I experiment and start using glue to see how it works in my agenda.

Where do you shop for stationary supplies?

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Still Loving Lavender ♥ Revisited

Every time fall and winter come along I go through seasonal depression because everything suddenly starts becoming darker and time starts rushing, because the holidays are coming and whatnot. Anybody who knows me knows that I love light and bright colors, so even through everybody seems to love autumn, I however do not. So, today;s post is an ode to my favorite season Spring, comeback really soon!

I've never really been a fan of the color purple but pastel colors like lavender and lilacs just looked incredibly stunning, so how can I not fall in love with such a shade! Since I made that Lovely Lavender post way back in April I thought I would continue the obsession and make an updated purple post! My first post was mainly on fashion and clothing so I'm making this one all about lavender colored (and scented) beauty products.

Back during Spring I bought this Etude House Play 101 Pencil in a gorgeous lavender color. This was one of those impulse purchases that I lusted over but didn't really need. I haven't used that much since buying it because I'm still trying to find ways on how I can use it properly, maybe as blush or a lip color? I'm still glad I bought it though!

Out of all the nail varnishes I own I only have two pastel purple nail polishes that I would consider the perfect pastel purple color. OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender and Color Club's Diggin the Dancing Queen. They're both pretty similar because they are a warm lilac creme based polish. Both colors absolutely lovely!

When Etude House released their Dreaming Swan collection my eyes went to the lilac any cushion case straight away! Not only is the case color beautiful but it also has a glamorous design cover!

I've had this Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Stick since February. The scent is a fresh floral fragrance, almost lavender scented! I've used it all up already but I can't seem to let myself throw this away because of the adorable bunny packaging! I'm currently using the bunny as a decoration in my room.

What's your favorite color?

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The Planner Junkie Inc ♥ Sticker Haul

This is my third sticker haul in the past month and it's still not over! This whole month I've been obsessed with sticker and stationary supplies, I am literally obsessed! I still have a lot more stickers from various Etsy shops coming in, I haven't even ordered autumn and Halloween stickers yet! I am trying to space these posts out so that you non-planner people won't get annoyed. However, if I do post too many stationary posts please let me know!

Today's stickers are from the popular sticker seller, The Planner Junkie Inc. This was my first order I placed back when I started getting into stickers. It took three weeks (almost four) for my stickers to arrive. I thought since The Planner Junkie is based in Florida that they would get to me sooner (I live in Georgia), but that wasn't the case at all! Looking back at it now, I wish I didn't place this order to begin with. The stickers aren't anything special, I mean I can find similar stickers from other sellers on Etsy (some that ship sooner). But since I heard so much talk about this shop I went ahead and placed my order. Since they took forever to arrive that kind of threw me off. I probably won't purchase again from The Planner Junkie but I will show you what I ordered.

I wanted some pastel half boxes so that I can place stickers and write down my tasks over them. I was kind of worried that these stickers wouldn't be that pastel in person, but they actually are so I'm happy!

The main reason I placed my order with The Planner Junkie is because of this sweet washi strip stickers. There are sprinkles, cupcakes, donut, ice cream and more dessert print washi stickers. So sweet!

Ombre check boxes with three rows with check-off hearts. I also got these animals holding cards stickers, which are very cute!

More heart checklist flags! This is my third sheet of checklist stickers from a different shop. These are watercolor, which I like because it adds texture.

Lastly, I received this gold foil mini sticker freebie. I'm not a huge fan of gold so I might not use these. But it's still nice to have it in my collection though. You never know when someone might need gold stickers.

What's your favorite Etsy sticker shop?

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Days 229-235 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 229: I found these new Rainbow Sherbet flavored Fruity Pebbles at my local Target and freaked out! Fruity Pebbles is one of my favorite cereals and the fact that they have a ice cream version makes me incredibly happy! I need to buy a box on my next trip!

Day 230: On another Target trip (I literally go there everyday) I discovered this tooth fairy plush toy in the children's bedding section. There is a pocket on the back (on it's bum) where you can store a tooth and money! So cute!

Day 231: More Disney Tsum Tsums to add to my collection, from the Aladdin collection!

Day 232: This ice cream was made for me! It's the cutest tub of ice cream I've ever seen! I regret not buying it a tub (or two). White chocolate flavored raspberry with ribbons of raspberry sauce dotted with with white chocolate raspberry-swirled chips! Even the description sounds adorable!

Day 233: Stationary supplies madness! Expect tons of hauls!

Day 234: BAEmax pens! Can't wait to use them on my Bando agenda this week! Speaking of Baymax, I watch Big Hero 6 Saturday night for like the 1816639817 time!

Day 235: Finally, got the burrito I've been craving all weekend! Chipotle burritos are GIGANTIC!

Hope you all had a wonderful and safe weekend!

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