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It's Happy Mail time once again! I was so excited to receive my Happy Mail this month because it was my birthday month (I was waiting for a happy birthday card). Let's see what's in this months Happy Mail!
Here are six of the eight cards. I noticed this month that they have a lot of couple cards.
These two cards were probably my favorite out of all the cards. Especially the strawberry card! The word search cards are really fun because you can customize the card however you want.
The postcard featured is this Let's Taco 'Bout It postcard. Taco 'bout cute (see what I did there)!
I thought the stickers were really cute this month. There are these coral pink letter stickers, I liked how they included four of each letters and numbers. There are six round terrarium stickers with succulents and everything! You can seal the back of envelopes with theses. They are freakin' adorable!
Since this was Happy Mail's one year anniversary they added two extra surprises! A pale pink envelope with scribbles drawn all over and a black pencil that say, hiya toots!
This month the Happy Mail included two prints. It's really positive and I love the bright magenta color!
The Don't Quit Your Day Dream is my favorite print that I've ever received in a Happy Mail.
Did you enjoy this month's Happy Mail? Which is your favorite card?

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  1. Omg, this is so cute! Never heard of the box before, but aww <3 I like that "whatever makes you weird" print, it's adorable and so... colour!!!! *__*
    Junniku blog!