Days 201-207 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 201: We saw a this adorable miniature Yorkie at a pet store on one of our last days in Mexico. He was soooooo cute and little!
Day 202: Last full day in Mexico. I only bought this because of the cute packaging! It's suppose to taste like strawberry ice cream (but it didn't really).
Day 203: Day one of travel back to Georgia. I took this after we entered the Mexico and USA border in Texas.
Day 204: Travel day two... Going over a bridge in Mississippi (i think).
Day 205: Target has so many cute food themed backpacks this year for back-to-school season! My favorite is the circus animal cookie backpack! If I was in school I would buy this. They also have a pizza, cupcake and doughnut backpacks! 
Day 206: I picked up this nail polish in a Sally's in Mexico (yes, they have Sally's and even a iHop in Mexico). This color is gorgeous! It's called Dancing Queen (my favorite Abba song).
Day 207: I tried the new mocha coconut frappuccino from Starbucks and it's amazing! It has a strong coconut flavor with a drizzle of chocolate/mocha. Probably my favorite frappuccino flavor they've released this year (aside from the birthday cake frappuccino).
What did you this week/weekend?

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