Days 187-193 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 187: I tried one of Starbuck Mexico's exclusive drinks, a berry yogurt frappuccino! It tasted alright but I wouldn't try in again. The whip cream tasted like cream cheese.

Day 188: The next day we hang out with my cousin pretty much all day and ended the day with crepes from a local cafe. The lady drew cute designs on my Nutella crepe! CUTE!

Day 189: The next day we had more crepes! My cousin took us to a hidden cafe in a hotel (which had an amazing view) and we had frappes and crepes.

Day 190: Beautiful street drawings.

Day 191: My older sister sent me has been sending us Lucy updates, since we miss her so much!

Day 192: More crepes...

Day 193: I found Hello Kitty panty liners in a Mexican super store! It also came with a panty liner dispenser! I will include it in a vacation haul when I return.

What did you do this week/weekend?

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