Days 180-186 ♥ 365 Challenge

So I just posted yesterday's blog post. I was traveling all day yesterday and couldn't find wifi so I had to wait until I reached my grandma's house in Mexico to post it. Aside from that mini fluke, I should be back to my regular daily blog posting. I also started a Snapchat to capture my Mexico adventures, my user name is mooeyandfriends. If you want to see what I'm up to add me!

All of these photos were taken before I left for Mexico. I had terrible motion sickness in the car so I didn't take too many picture while on the road. However, I plan to take a bunch of photos while I'm here so expect the next two 365 photo challenges to be all on Mexico! Now let's dive into this week's pictures.

Day 180: I got so many packages on Monday. It felt like Christmas!

Day 181: Frozen grapes are amazing!

Day 182: I decorated my Etude House Any Cushion. You can check out how I DIY it here.

Day 183: Made these cookies. They taste delicious!

Day 184: My sister loved my kawaii cute cushion case so I gave her's a make over too. I used the remaining cabochons and puffy stickers to decorate her cushion.

Day 185: Lucy knew I was going to leave. This picture is heartbreaking for me to see! I miss her sooooo much!

Day 186: Found this on my phone. My younger sister took it. Lucy made an appearance.

How did you celebrated your 4th of July weekend?

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  1. omg the cushion case O_O i love it! haha do you live close to mexico?? I literally live 15 minutes away from the border here in south texas >_< have a safe trip!

    1. Thanks! And no, I live in Georgia so it took us almost two days to drive all the way to Mexico. Thanks for checking out my blog! <3