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The summer k-drama season has began! There are so many new Korean dramas that are currently out and some of them are amazing! Since I've replaced my Korean Bum Sunday's with my 365 challenge posts I haven't updated you guys on what dramas I've been watching so I thought I would share which summer k-dramas I'm currently watching. If any of you are watching these dramas and want to share thoughts and opinions on them follow me on twitter and let's start a conversion!

School 2015: Who Are You?
School 2015 is about these two foster twins who were separated at a young age and live completely different lives. Lee Eun Bi remained as a foster child and gets bullied at school and Go Eun Byul was adopted and lives with mother and is popular at school. While on a class trip Go Eun Byul goes missing and Lee Eun Bi ends up accidentally switching life.

I was a huge fan of School 2013 so when I heard that they were making a follow up show called School 2015 I made sure to watch it since I loved School 2013 so much. This show is so addictive! I highly recommend you guys to check this show out, it's a cute high school drama about love, life, family and friends.

Keeping with the twin theme Mask is about two women who look exactly alike (I'm not sure if they're twins yet). Seo Eun Ha lives a rich glamorous life who is arranged to marry Min Woo, a CEO and son of a major company. Her doppelganger, Byun Ji Sook is struggling to survive trying to pay off her father's debt. When Seo Eun Ha is unexpectedly involved in a life threatening accident Byun Ji Sook must stand in for Seo Eun Ha to cover up the incident from her family and the media.

So I just started watching this drama because it was the drama with the top ratings last week in Korea so I thought it was worth watching. The first episode immediately catches your attention! If you like thrillers then I recommend this drama!

Producer follows the story of three KBS producers and what goes on behind the scenes of television shows. The show features Kim Soo Hyun (from Love From Another Star) and IU!

I've been waiting for  this drama since it was announced earlier this year. However I had mixed feelings after I watched the first episode because it made me fall asleep, twice! But the more and more I watch each episode the more I enjoyed this drama! It's also fun to see a bunch of KBS shows and Kpop celebrities featured in this drama!

What dramas are you currently watching?

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