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It's time to get happy! Happy Mail that is. I didn't look at the June unboxing video this month so everything was a complete surprise, which I love! Let's take a look at what was hidden inside the Happy Mail envelope this month!

Here are six out of the eight cards. I love how they are starting to feature more smaller cards because they are so cute! My favorite? Definitely the watermelon! My spirit fruit is the watermelon.

There are the rest of the cards along with the postcard. The seal card is too much!

More washi tape strips this month (yay) and another notepad! These are my two favorite type of stationary goods to get in my Happy Mail so I was very pleased to find these in my packet.

Love this print! But I wish there would've been a design on this print. Maybe something using more blue foil? It's juts too plain for my taste.

 That's all! What did you guys think of this month's Happy Mail?

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