Days 166-172 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 166: Tried the red velvet frappuccino. It tasted like chocolate chips and raspberries. I wouldn't try it again.

Day 167: Banana pancakes topped with maple syrup and strawberries and some strawberry yogurt.

Day 168: I received my Etude House package. Check out my haul here.

Day 169: Lucy wouldn't move when I was trying to make my bed.

Day 170: My Happy Mail arrived! It will be up tomorrow!

Day 171: Eating out at Panera! They changed my favorite tomato and mozzarella panini into a flat bread. I didn't like it as much. I need to find a new favorite.

Day 172: Happy Father's Day! Me and the family went out to eat and then got some froyo. Yes, I'm the type that decorates my frozen yogurt with unhealthy junk. I can't say no to those frosted carnival cookies!

How did you spend your Father's Day weekend?

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