Days 159-165 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 159: I ordered this Lalavesi cushion from Tester Korea but I accidentally ordered the wrong item! I thought I had ordered this cushion but I ended up buying this one instead. I really wanted the cushion with the pink packaging instead. So instead of returning it and having to pay for international shipping I'm selling it. If any of you are interested please let me know!

Day 160: Lucy is finally sleeping on beds! She never wanted to sleep with me at night (she loved sleeping in cage) but ever since we taught her to climb the stairs we've caught her sleeping on all our beds even when we're all downstairs! She also spends some nights with me!

Day 161: This is a new sports drink that contains coconut water. I'm not a huge fan of coconut water (I've tried it countless amount of times but still haven't learned to like it) but I got this for free so I went ahead and tried it and it tasted pretty good!

Day 162: So I started a new Instagram account where I'm sell gently/new clothes, makeup, shoes, and accessories. I'm planning on selling more in the future so follow Mooeyscloset if you want to keep track of when I post new items. This dress and the cushion are both up on there right now!

Day 163: Lucy being a sleepy baby! She sleeps on her back.

Day 164: Breakfast! I made a smoothie bowl filled with yummy healthy nummies!

Day 165: Went to the mall to hit up the Victoria Secret Semi-Annual sale. I also finally got to try one of the new Starbucks frappuccinos! This is the soy cupcake frappuccinos, which tasted amazing!

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