6 New Fitness Goals ♥ Fitness Friday

So it's half way through the year and I thought it was time to switch up my fitness goals. Since the beginning of the year I've been using the same 10 goals and even though I haven't mastered these goals I thought I would fun to freshen things up and start another round in this fitness journey so here are my six new fitness goals.

1. Get up and move more
I spend a majority of my day either sitting or laying down on my bed. So in order to move more I'm going to incorporate some work out moves randomly into my routine.

2. Eat more veggies
I'm pretty good at eating fruit daily but when it comes to vegetables, I'm no rabbit! Now I love vegetables but I sometimes I forget to eat them daily so I'm challenging myself to start eating more veggies in my meal and as snacks.

3. Sleep earlier
Every couple of weeks I go through this weird sleep cycle where I can't sleep for some reason. As much as I love staying up all night I need to sleep! So I am going to go to bed earlier and so that I can wake up earlier and start my day out in a good mood.

4. Go to the gym
I hate the gym! Because I hate sweating in front of people and feel very uncomfortable showing too much skin in front of people (when wearing shorts and tank tops). I'm also afraid that there may be too many people (I'm slightly claustrophobic). However, my mom goes to the gym 2-3 times a week so I'm going to try and join her and get in some much needed cardio.

5. Share what I'm eating
If you follow my 365 challenge then you notice that I eat too many sweets, snacks and coffee! So I am going to snap photos of some of my favorite healthy meals and share them here on my blog every couple of weeks.

6. Consume less dairy
This year I've noticed that dairy just doesn't digest well in my stomach anymore. If I eat too much dairy on one day I become bloated and gassy. I don't know what happened because this time last year I wasn't like this. Maybe I'm slightly lactose intolerant? So I'm going and try to eat less dairy products. Now, I already drink almond milk but I'm looking for some tasty dairy-free yogurts and cheeses. If any og you have any suggestions please let me know!

How are your fitness goals coming along?

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  1. I find putting veggies into my smoothies helps me to eat more of them. I put broccoli and spinach usually.

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