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Summer is only a few weeks away so a lot of people are working on their toned summer bods. I thought I would share 5 fitness/health tips on how to keep you motivated to get into shape during summer.

1. Follow Fitness/Healthy Instagram Accounts
A lot of us are guilty at checking our phones various time throughout the day. As a reminder to eat healthier and try new workouts follow some fitness/health accounts on Instagram.

2. Eat As Much Fruits/Veggies As Possible
During the hotter months our bodies crave water. Obviously, drinking water hydrates out bodies but fruits and vegetables have water hidden inside them too. Try switching things up and adding fresh fruits in your water bottle or try out different smoothie recipes. Try to incorporate as much fruits and veggies into your meals as possible. Trust me your body will thank you!

3. Create A New Playlist
Tired of hearing the same songs while you workout? Why not make a new playlist with some fun exciting summer tunes to keep you moving through each move while working out.

4. Workout Early
As someone who workouts out at night I can tell you that even though you don't want to wake up first thing in the morning to work out. However you feel so much better afterwards! Get everything out of the way in the morning and your fueled up for the rest of your day!

5. Treat Yourself To New Sportswear
It's nice to treat yourself to a reward every once and awhile. To motivate yourself for summer why not pick up some cute bright active wear. I know when I'm wearing an adorable outfit when working out it motivates me more to push harder so that my body can look more fit.

What are some of your summer fitness tips?

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