Days 145-151 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 145: A sneak peak at my May Happy Mail, which I still haven't posted for some reason. It will be up later this week (probably tomorrow)!

Day 146: Mid-day work snack. These cookies are so soft and chewy!

Day 147: Lucy being sleepy and cute. She sleeps on her back with her paws up and whenever I get close to her when she's still in sleep mode she opens her legs and wants me to scratch her belly. Too cute!

Day 148: Lucy kissing/eating Lady.....she tore Lady's nose off and now I have to buy a new one! ╥﹏╥

Day 149: Coffee and cupcakes. I made my first cupcakes using coconut flour this week. The texture was slightly grainy (like when using whole wheat flour). Overall they tasted amazing! I used a Martha Stewart frosting recipe, which tasted incredible! But I accidentally added too much vanilla so it tasted extremely sweet.

Day 150: I finally got my Popteen magazine in the mail! I was suppose to get it in the mail on Monday but it got delivered somewhere else so I had to wait until Saturday to receive it! I'm glad I finally got it though!

Day 151: I usually only buy Popteen magazine's when the cover catches my eyes, this cover was really cute so I had to buy it! It also came with a really adorable couple bear makeup bag! Can't wait to use it during summer!

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