April Progress ♥ Fitness Friday

In March I completely skipped my monthly progress and that is because I didn't feel like any of my goals really changed betweeb January through March so I decided to skip that month. I will probably do this every so often depending on how good or bad I am on keeping up with my fitness goals. Let's see how many of my goals I kept up with in April.

1. Drink 87 ounces of water a day
Check! I recommend you to buy a huge water bottle and fill it up as much as possible! I use my Victoria Secret "Just Drink" pink bottle and take it with me everywhere!

2. Workout 5 days a week (or more)
I started the month by working out 4 (sometimes 5) days out of the week. Now I workout 5 days a week, resting on either Friday or Saturday and watch a 15 to 30 minute yoga video on Sunday.

3. Get a "tall" instead of a "grande" at Starbucks
I thought this would be an easy task to check off. However, I love Starbucks a lot and I just can't seem to say "tall" when the barista says what size.

4. Do yoga twice a week
Like I said I practice yoga on Sunday's but I try to squeeze another yoga session throughout the week. Speaking of yoga, I'm going to attempt the 30-day yoga challenge in May. If you would like to join me you can start today, I will!

5. Drink 2 smoothies a day (one of those being a green)
I haven't been really into drinking smoothies for some reason. But I will try to at least drink one smoothie a day and slowly work up into two smoothies.

6. Walk Lucy as much as possible
All April it was raining every single day! But now it's finally sunny and dry to walk Lucy. The April showers brought May flowers.

7. Drink less coffee and more tea
I"m still drinking my morning tea but I'm starting to drink too much coffee. Yesterday I drank almost 3 iced coffee's! Yes. I have a problem.

8. No eating after 8pm
Some days are better then other days. I tend to eat past 8pm on the weekends but I'm trying really hard not to and so far so good.

9. Plan out my meals
I've been making sides dishes in the beginning of the week and it last me up to the end of the week So i'm still mentally planning out my meals in my head but I really really REALLY need to start jotting down my meals of the week. I have dozens of empty notebooks waiting to be written with lists of food!

10. Learn to cook
The other day I used a stove top instead of the microwave to heat up my meal. That's the most "cooking" I've done in the past month, which for me is a huge step! My fear when it comes to cooking is that I might burn something while cooking.

How are your fitness goals coming along?

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