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Last night I saw this video that Cassey posted. I teared up a bit. So I thought I would share my story on my weight and why I started working out and eating healthy. I'm going to admit that this was emotional for me to dig up from my past. I got choked up a bit and cried a few times. This was a hard blog post for me to type. So let's get started...

Most of my life I have struggled with my weight. They only time I remembered me actually looking decently normal was when I was 7 and lived in outside of Chicago. My older sister and I went to a private school that we had to walk to and back from everyday. We also took gymnastics for a few months, so I was pretty healthy growing up. But when my younger sister was born my parent's decided to move to Georgia, which was completely different to what I was used to in Illinois. We never joined any sports, had to ride the school bus and had to drive to everywhere! That's when my weight started to shift.

I remember the exact moment when I started feeling insecure about my body. It was when I was in third grade and my class was being measured and weighed for whatever reason. While I was being weighed I heard someone talk behind my back and it was this boy with his friend and he started picking on me about my weight. I don't even remember how much the scale said I weighted but that moment will always stick out in my head as the moment that I started caring about my body and how I looked. But this wasn't the only situation where I was picked on because of my weight. I've been made fun on how much I weigh by my own family. Like them calling me name's like "chubby" or "fatty" but in cutesy ways like that made it any better!

One of my dreams growing up was to be a chef. I was obsessed with food! My parents would buy me little kitchen play sets and those 100-piece plastic food sets for $10 (I probably owned 5 of those). I've always been a food junkie, I especially have a major sweet tooth. However, when I started becoming self conscious about how I looked I threw that dream away because I didn't want to be know as a fatty chef who likes food.

Another time that happened a few years back we went to visit our family in California during the summer. My great grandfather was also visiting and when he greeted my sister's and I he told me that I reminded him of someone who was chubby and huge. This truly hurt my feelings because before this I was working out hard everyday and night to get into shape for summer. That night when we got to our hotel I cried my eyes out in the bathroom (silently because I didn't want my family to know that I was crying). Nothing hurts more then when you don't get recognize for the hard work you've been working on.

It only takes one significant moment in your life to change your perspective on how you look. So before you go out and call someone chubby or giving them a "cute fat nickname" remember this could effect them for the rest of their lives. Because even to this day I get emotional when people talk about my weight and take it personally. But whenever I feel like giving up and eating a whole bucket of ice cream I use all of these negative thoughts and push myself to go even further!

What's your story? Share it down below.

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