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Here are a few of my favorite things that I found reaching for the most in March. In this month's lifestyle favorites I include a cute comic, some adorable plushies, kawaii stickers and a game that I became addicted to all over again! Remember to share your lifestyle favorites in the comments below!

Bee And Puppycat Comic Issue 7
Ever since I got my first Bee and Puppycat comic I've been obsessed! Inside the comic there are mini stories all drawn in different art styles. The stories are short, witty and cute. If you are a fan of the webtoon and crave for more Bee and Puppycat content I highly recommend you to read the comics! It will satisfy your craving for Bee and Puppycat until the next episode airs.

Frozen Tsum Tsums
I've been slowly trying to grow my tsum tsum collection bit by bit. When I saw the Frozen collection and saw the Anna tsum tsum I knew I had to collect her! But I couldn't just get Anna without getting her sister Elsa too! And even though I'm not a fan of Olaf and think he's the creepiest creature ever created by Disney (besides the Cheshire cat, of course!) he looked cute in tsum tsum form so I got him as well.

Animal Crossing New Leaf
My sister's recently sold her 3DS because she was barely using it so she gave me her copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf so that I could make another town. Ever since I've created a new town I've been non-stop playing ACNL again! I've pretty much perfected my first town so it's fun to have another village with a different theme and villagers to play with.

Oh and did any of you guys see the recent Nintendo Direct? They are coming out with a new Animal Crossing game! It's going to focus on decorating different villagers homes. I'm so excited! It suppose to come out later this Fall!

Sweet Kawaii Design
If you saw my review on Sweet Kawaii Design you probably already heard me rave about these stickers. I've been using these stickers all month and it'm making my planner even cuter! Tesia (the lady behind Sweet Kawaii Design) recently released a whole new batch of stickers and they're amazing! I have my eyes on the kawaii gym bag and water bottle and menstrual cycle stickers!

What are some of your random favorites from March?

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