Days 103-109 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 103: Lucy just casually laying on my dresser.

Day 104: Two new beauty purchases. I haven't bought any new beauty products in a while because I'm trying to purge away most of my beauty collection.

Day 105: I caught this picture of Lucy going downstairs. It's kind of blurry but it was too funny not to post!

Day 106: I finally got my Animal Crossing cards from Club Nintendo! They're smaller then I thought they would be but so cute!

Day 107: Two new tsum tsums to add to my collection!

Day 108: I love mail days! Happy Mail and Birchbox posts coming this week!

Day 109: These are my favorites cards from April's Happy Mail. I love how they used sliver confetti lettering in this month's cards! 

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