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I was really excited to receive my Happy Mail this month. Because when I saw the unboxing on the A Beautiful Mess blog I was thrilled to see the lovely card designs, colors and other goodies included in April's Happy Mail. Let's hop into it!

Look at all this cuteness! Where should we start?

These are six of the eight cards I received in my Happy Mail. There are so many cute cards in this batch. There are two birthday cards, a get well soon card, a BFF card and two thinking of you cards. Most of the cards this month contain this fun holographic glitter foil which I think is just adorable!

Here are the other two cards and the postcard. There is a red thank you card with a few zebras on it and a cute card with an old fashioned car. There is also this really cute postcard with the saying "If You're A Campfire. I Want S'more".

These cards were my favorite! That ice cream is soooooo adorable! This Happy Mail is my favorite set so far!

I absolutely love this month's color schemes. The print this time was a lot smaller then the previous prints, it's the same size as the cheese print we got a few months ago. We also got another sheet of washi tape! Lastly, there is this rainbow colored day of the week notepad. Sadly, when I got this notepad in my Happy Mail most of the post-it notes have fallen off (and they don't stick).

Did you like April's Happy Mail?

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