My Favorite Tone It Up Workouts ♥ Fitness Friday

I've been following the Tone It Up community for some time now. Karena and Katrina are the two trainers behind Tone It Up and I absolutely love their workouts! I've been following their weekly fitness schedule since the beginning of the year and as the weeks flown by I've recognized that they've been repeating a few of their workouts, which is perfectly fine with me because I've found that some of these workouts are my new favorite routines. Today I put together an exercise playlist that you can try out this weekend featuring my favorite workouts from Tone It Up. Most of these workouts also have a free printables which you can print and take to the gym (or perform in your living room) for your convenience.

Check out the playlist here
Are you a member of Tone It Up? Do you have a favorite workout by them? Share down below!

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