Lifestyle Favorites ♥ February Faves

It's time for take two of my February faves. This time around I'm featuring my lifestyle favorites. Basically anything that entertained me or highlighted my life this month is what I will be sharing with you today.

Big Hero 6:
Even though I just watched this movie for the first time ever just a few days ago I'm including it in my February favorites because it's my new favorite movie! I highly recommend you guys watch this if you haven't already! Baymax is so marshmallowly cute and he even made me cry.

Dessert Wallet Style iPhone 6 Case:
I bought a lot of cases for my iPhone 6 recently but I've been mainly using this adorable wallet styled case with polka dots, pastries and other yummy girly illustrations! Inside there is slots where you can insert your ID and cards. When I'm in a rush I just take this case and I'm ready for any situation!

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask 3D:
Even though I haven't had time to experience this game one-on-one yet from what I've played so far it's awesome. This is my first time playing a game from the Legend of Zelda series. I've never been interested in this game until I saw a preview for it on Nintendo Direct last year. The whole creepiness of the game intrigued me but that moon kind of terrifies me! Review coming soon!

Loungefly Hello Kitty Pink Glitter Patent Mini City Bag:
I bought this purse back in January but I really got to test it in February. It's quite hard to match fashion wise so that's why I hadn't worn it too much before. But since it was the only bag I brought with me to Florida I had to make it work. It's big enough to hold all my junk but not too big that it bothers me.

Crocheted Baymax Key Chain:
A few months ago I crocheted a Baymax key chain for one of my internet friends. However, I never made a bae for myself so when we were at Orlando I was determined to make a bae of my own before we hit the parks! It's kind of cute, a lot of the kids at Disney kept starring at it while we were waiting in line.

What are some of your lifestyle favorites this month?

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