February Progress ♥ Fitness Friday

First off let me warn you that February was not the best month for me, healthy-wise that is. I may have indulged too much with it being Valentine's Day and all. Then in the middle of February I went to Florida and took a break from my "diet". After coming home I only worked out a few days the first week back. Basically what I'm saying is that I pretty much failed this month. But it's alright to get off course every so often on your fitness journey as long as you throw yourself back on. Learn from your mistakes.

1. Drink 87 ounces of water a day
This is one of the goals that I've pretty much nailed! I drink a 32 ounce water bottle three times a day, sometimes even more!

2. Workout 5 days a week (or more)
I started strong this month but the trip to Florida threw off my workout schedule (didn't exercise for 5 days). I have to admit that it was difficult my first workout post holiday, but it felt so good!

3. Get a "tall" instead of a "grande" at Starbucks
Let's just say I haven't't ordered a tall since January...

4. Do yoga twice a week
Maybe not twice a week but definitely once a week.

5. Drink 2 smoothies a day (one of those being a green)
I've lacked on smoothies so much this month! I have made a few but definitely not one a day. More like one every two other day.

6. Walk Lucy as much as possible
After we came back from the perfect weather trip to Florida we had a whole week of winter weather and then we got hit with rain. But it is starting to warm up here in bipolar Georgia so hopefully I will be able to walk Lucy daily soon.

7. Drink less coffee and more tea
Still drinking my morning green tea. I pretty much only drink green tea so I'm going to advance to different teas. Any suggestions would be wonderful.

8. No eating after 8pm
I tend to eat more during the night time then in the morning. It's a bad habit. But I did very well in January so I know I can do it. I just need to wake up earlier so that I can sleep earlier, hence sleep off the midnight cravings.

9. Plan out my meals
I actually want to start a food journal where I jot down my food for the week. Hopefully, this can help me plan out my meals.

10. Learn to cook
Still haven't made any progress on this one.

How is your fitness journey going so far?

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