Days 75-81 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 75: Me walking Lucy! It was finally a nice day to take Lucy out for a walkies. Sadly it's going to be another rainy week so her walkies are going have to wait.

Day 76: My older sister made green macarons for St Patrick's Day. The filling inside was mint butter cream and they tasted amazing!

Day 77: I was suppose to post this recipe on St Patrick's Day but for whatever reason I decided to post it the next day. This has been my go-to drink for the past month, it's a iced green tea latte! It's my absolute favorite springtime beverage! Check out the recipe here to make your own.

Day 78: We've been teaching Lucy how to climb the stairs this week and now she finally knows! We started teaching her last weekend and now she climbs the stairs all the time (she even jumps on all of our beds)! Before she would wait by the stairs and bark for attention but now she jumps on the stairs whenever she wants.

Day 79: First day of Spring flowers! My favorite season is finally here!

Day 80: This is my candle sanctuary. The Marshmallow Pop candle is from Target and the two candles on the side are from Yankee Candle's new Easter line.

Day 81: It was a gloomy rainy day today so we decided to get doughnuts to brighten up our mood (and stomachs). I love how they still have Valentine's doughnuts available.

How was your week/weekend?

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  1. Your dog is so cute!!
    And the doughnuts looks so yummy ^-^

    Black Daisy