Days 68-74 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 68: I've been obsessed with Larabars for a while because they use very few ingredients and I actually recognize all of the ingredients! I was really surprised  when I saw this bar because it only used two ingredients, cashews and dates!

Day 69: I organized my makeup area and I love how it came out! Inside there is a lot of room to store all my beauty products.

Day 70: My mom made quinoa. This was my first time trying quinoa and it was pretty good. A little salty but still good, I added  avocado cause I love me some avocado!

Day 71: I finally received my Frozen tsum tsums in the mail! My favorite is the Anna, she's so adorable! The Elsa looks kind of weird to me.

Day 72: Here is a mini Target haul. I just got some makeup wipes, more Larabars (I told you I was obsessed) and a new Essie nail polish.

Day 73: I made a impromptu ice cream sandwich using a Larabar by cutting it in half and applying coconut milk ice cream in the middle. It tasted amazing!

Day 74: NOTD! I'm wearing Essie's Blooming Dandy from their new Spring 2015 line. This is the longest my nails have grown in months! Ever since I got acrylic nails done a couple months ago my nails have been chipping and splitting so I had to keep cutting them down to the nub. But finally they are strong and healthy again!

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! How was your weekend?

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