Days 61-67 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 61: My younger sister and I made Nutella stuffed muffins! These tasted amazing especially when paired with a cup of cold almond milk.

Day 62: I posted my February beauty favorites which you can check out here.

Day 63: It's Girl Scout cookie season! Growing up I always wanted to be a Girl Scout because they wore the cute outfits with those colorful embroidered badges. But sadly I never got to be one. My favorite cookies  though are the Thanks-A-Lot, which they don't sell near me (I had to order those online) but Tagalongs are becoming my new favorite!

Day 64: I've noticed that I've been posting too many sweets on here so I am going to try to take more pictures of healthy food (even though they don't look as cute). This is a veggie taco with Morningstar taco meat, a sprinkle of shredded cheese and slices of avocado on a whole wheat tortilla.

Day 65: I found this adorable monochrome floral crop top at Target for $12! Stores have been slowly popping up with pastels and floral's for spring and I absolutely love it! Spring is my favorite month!

Day 66: Veggies! Eat your vegetables everybody!

Day 67: Me trying to build a drawer system for my makeup. I couldn't find the right screwdriver so I had my dad build it for me. I will show you pictures soon!

How was your weekend?

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