Days 54-60 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 54: We had a mini snow storm this week. I'm from Chicago so this is nothing compared to what I grew up in but since it's the south people around here freak out when they see the stuff! The snow barely stuck on the ground!

Day 55: Lucy in her snow coat! We need to buy her snow boats.

Day 56: I bought my younger sister these Pop Tarts because she never tried them, they're "Chocomallow Sundae". They have so many Pop Tart flavors now! Back in my day we only had like 4 flavors.

Day 57: So much whip and caramel!

Day 58: We found Girl Scout cookies! My favorite GS cookies are the Thank-A-Lots but sadly my local Girl Scouts don't sell them. So I got Tagalongs instead, they're peanut butter cookies covered with chocolate and they taste amazing!

Day 59: We went to Target to look for movies for movie night and I ended up picking My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn since I've never seen it before (and I love Audrey!). Honestly, I didn't like it. The songs were alight, the ending was bland and the main guy character was way too sexiest. However I thought Audrey did a good job.

Day 60: Today we got a surprise in the mail, the Big Hero 6 movie! My sister ordered the movie a few weeks ago and surprisingly it came in today (which is strange because I thought they don't deliver on Sunday's).

How was your weekend?

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