January Progress ♥ Fitness Friday

It's time to recap all of my healthy resolutions that I made during the beginning of the year and how well I followed through with them in January. I actually did a good job at keeping up with most of my goals. I accomplished 5 out of 10 which I think is amazing in just a month! Hopefully in February I will be able to check off more goals!

1. Drink 87 ounces of water a day
I'm pretty good at tracking my water intake and so far I've been drinking at least 87 ounces a day. However there were some days where I drank less.

2. Workout 5 days a week (or more)
I work out during the weekdays and on the weekends I usually rest or do a 15-30 minutes of yoga.

3. Get a "tall" instead of a "grande" at Starbucks
At the beginning of the month I was very good at this but overtime a "tall" turned back into "grande" (what can I say I love coffee). I only drink Starbucks 2-3 times a week but I will try to get a size "tall" next time.

4. Do yoga twice a week
Since the work out schedule I follow incorporates yoga once a week this hasn't been hard. I'm also going to start following these yoga videos I found online soon!

5. Drink 2 smoothies a day (one of those being a green)
I still haven't completely jumped back into the smoothies yet. I drink at least one every other day so I'm getting there but slowly (i'm actually drinking a smoothie as I am typing this)!

6. Walk Lucy as much as possible
Another goal that I'm struggling with. This month I've only walked Lucy two times.

7. Drink less coffee and more tea
I use to drink coffee every morning but now I've completely switched over to green tea. However, I am still drinking my iced coffees but I've switched the timing and now drink coffee around noon and finish the day with another cup of tea.

8. No eating after 8pm
I only had difficulties with this during the middle of the month for some reason. The first and last week I didn't eat after 8pm at all but it was the middle week of January where I failed tremendously!

9. Plan out my meals
I think planning your meals would really help with keeping yourself on track on your fitness journey but I just haven't had time to plan out meals, maybe someday.

10. Learn to cook
So when I wrote this resolution down I wanted to learn how to cook healthy meals but I don't know what healthy meals I want to cook. I have two meals that I plan on cooking soon but aside from that I don't know what meals to make. If any of you guys have any suggestions please let me know!

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