January Lifestyle Favorites ♥ Monthly Favorites

It's time to share my random lifestyle favorites that I accumulated in the month of January. I have a few health related favorites, sweet delights and some cute finds this month. Let me know what lifestyle faves you discovered, enjoy!

Amo's Get Up Girly For New Girly Girls
Amo is s Harajuku model who models for various Japanese street style magazines, such as Zipper. She is originally a member of the duo group Amoyamo but  modeling is what made her well known to the public. Amo came out with a personal book last month but due to shipping I just got it in January. It features a lot of pictures and personal information of Amo like her fashion and beauty tips and much more! If you have a girl crush on Amo (like myself) I highly recommend you to check out her book, Get Up Girly!

Hello! Coco Diary/Planner
My planner by Hello Coco has definitely been one of my favorites this month. I jot down all of my scheduled blog posts and appointments in this cute diary styled agenda. I'm planning on posting a planner tips blog post soon!

This Is Yoga AM/PM Yoga For Everyone
One of my fitness goals was to incorporate more yoga into my fitness routine. I bought this dvd online so I can follow along in my bedroom (my computer is really slow so I can't watch yoga videos on Youtube). This dvd consists of 4 yoga videos, am yoga in bed, a 15 minute daily flow, a 30 minute energy flow and a pm yoga in bed. It's s pretty standard yoga dvd that's to the point.

Larabar in Coconut Cream Pie
Larabars have become my latest obsession. If you remember a few Friday's back I shared my favorite protein bars but Larabars have become the only bar I've been eating since then. I really enjoyed this coconut cream pie flavor but after I looked at the ingredients I noticed that I can probably make this if I tried so that's going to be my next project!

Milky Chocolate Bar
Now onto a much unhealthier bar. I placed a Candysan order back in late December and I finally received my package in January. At first I didn't like the chocolate but after trying it for the second time I became addicted to the smooth milk chocolate with a milky center. Yum!

Marshmallow Pop Scented Soy Candle
Last but not least is this marshmallow scented soy candle I found at Target. Every season Target comes out with a range of scented candles. Their latest spring collection smells amazing (I'm going to get the lemon candle next!). I've been burning this almost everyday and it makes my room smells delicious!

iPhone 6  + Baymax Phone Case
Getting the new iphone 6 was definitely one of the best things that I got in January. It's made my life so much easier! The camera has amazing quality and the finger scan button has changed my life! Oh and I just got the Baymax phone case, isn't it the cutest!

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