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It's time again for another round of beauty favorites! This year I'm trying to cleanse out my beauty products by using up everything before I run out (all except nail polish). With that said I will probably not have as many beauty favorites like I normally do because I will be using the same products for the next couple of months. With that said lets jump on in!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
Back before I got acrylic nails done I would paint my nails regularly (I'm talking 2 times a week!) however since then my nails have gotten really weak. I never feel like painting my nails now because they break really easily now but when I heard about these miracle gel polishes I had to try one! I've had gel nails before and I love how long they last (usually 2 weeks) so I was hoping this polish would do something similar. The polish does stay on longer then your typical polish, mine stay on for about five days before I start seeing chipping!

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
Dry shampoo is a staple in my life! I constantly use it to freshen up my hair or when I want extra volume. I wanted to try a different brand so I picked up the Batiste dry shampoo in the blush scent because the bottle looked cute. This stuff smells amazing! It's a floral scent with bits of fruit all fused together.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette
I finally got the chance to play around with the Naked 2 basics palette. I don't wear eye shadow too much because I don't like wearing too much makeup. But since this palette consists of nothing but neutrals I can just sweep one or two colors over my eyes and I'm ready to go!

Got2B Guardian Angel Heat Protect
With this spray can protect your hair from heat as high as 425 F. Since I always forget to mist my hair with a heat protectant I've been keeping this bottle around where I style my hair. By doing this my hair doesn't get damaged with my heat styling tools as much anymore.

Prada Candy Perfume
I haven't heard too on this perfume and I don't know why because this smells exactly like candy! I love sweet confectionery scents like this, you know the ones that give you a toothache! You guys should smell this if you like sweet candy scents.

Coola Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion
I received this lotion in my January Birchbox. I using after-sun type of beauty products because I feel like I'm saving my skin from past sun exposed areas. I blend this with my moisturizer in the morning for extra protection.

Etude House Face Conditioning Cream
I have a collection of cream/moisturizers in my bathroom waiting to be used so I'm currently go through one by one so that they don't go bad. This is the one I'm currently using it whitens your face so if you have problem with redness I highly recommend this cream.

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