Days 32-39 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 32: The tea I've been currently stepping is this milk tea with hints of roses and fruit. I add a packet of Truvia for extra sweetness. I bet this would go great with some boba.

Day 33: We got Lucy groomed on Monday. This time they put pink ribbons on her! Sadly after we got home they fell off.

Day 34: Snack of the day, this time I had a coconut cream pie flavored Larabar and a caramel Starbucks frappuccino coffee drink.

Day 35: This is one of my favorite pages from #88 Love Life.

Day 36: I got a new case for my phone, isn't it cute! I wanted a wallet style case so that I can keep my cards inside for quick runs to the store. Rose hips? Mild salt?

Day 37: I was feeling in the chocolaty mood the other day (which is surprising because I normally don't like chocolate too much) so I found a recipe online on how to make a chocolate protein mug in a cup with peanut butter. It satisfied my chocolate needs in two bites but it was to chocolaty and dry.

Day 38: The other day I found out one of my favorite health and fitness books "Make Your Own Rules Diet" was the free book at Starbucks. I highly recommend this book if you want to get into shape this year. It contains illustrations of yoga moves, recipes, two different meal plans, and more. I will post a book review soon!

Day 39: I finally tried the newest edition to the Oreo family, red velvet Oreo's with cream cheese flavored creme! The packaging is actually smaller then the regular size Oreo's but they taste incredible! 

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