Days 26-31 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 26: My new lunch break staple is a Naked juice and protein bar, it's a way more satisfying combo then soda and chips.

Day 27: I tried barbecue tempeh for the first time the other day. The texture tasted very grainy and It definitely filled me up fast because it's packed with protein.

Day 28: This dark chocolate panda coin had tiny popping candy inside! It didn't taste that good to be honest but it was cute.

Day 29: A sweet package arrived the other day! Check out my Japanese candy haul here.

Day 30: I was in need of a new wallet and found this adorable Puppcat wallet on We Love Fine. I had to buy it immediately!

Day 31: I completed the 30 days of flat abs challenge! I already noticed that my stomach is flatter and more structured. I am also going to take part in the 30 day butt lift in February. Join me if you want to tone your booty!

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