5 Tips on Staying Motivated ♥ Fitness Friday

So lately I've been doing a horrible job at keeping up with my fitness goals. Maybe some of you are feeling the same way so on today's Fitness Friday I'm giving you guys (and myself) 5 tips on how you can break that lazy habit and get back at lifting those weights!

1. Plan Out Your Workouts
Jotting down and planning out your workouts is a great way to keep track of what you are going to do on each day. I follow the weekly Tone It schedule that they post up each Sunday and write down all the workouts in my planner with a box next to them. As the days go by I check off a box after I've completed each workout.

2. Make a Fitness Inspiration Board
Whether it's an online or a physical creating a board with positive quotes and inspiration photos is a great reminder to get into shape! I would keep your board in a place that you see often like your phone or near the fridge or something.

3. Cute Sportswear
I don't know about you guys but when I coordinate a cute workout outfit it makes me really excited to exercise! I like wearing bright sportswear like hot pinks and bright teal blues. Not only do I look cute but I feel cute too!

4. Plan Out Your Meals
We've all seen those colorful pictures on Instagram of other people's meal prep but it takes a few hours of planning during the weekend to cook your food for the week and store then in containers. However, this will really help with portion control and you don't have to stress out about what you are going to make for dinner when you get home from work/school.

5. Reward Yourself
It's alright to reward yourself with a little something from time to time but not too often because if you get too use to it becomes a habit. It can be healthy or unhealthy reward depending on what you want. Maybe it's a new dress you've been eyeing or a cheat food that you've been craving, it's up to you!

Is anybody else having problems on their fitness journey?

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Vacation Beauty Haul ♥ Urban Outfitters, LUSH, etc

Last week while I was in Florida I picked up quite a few beauty products and a few other bits and bobs that I would like to share with you guys. I was really proud of myself as I didn't spend too much money. Since I go to Florida once (sometimes twice) a year I normally don't bring back any souvenirs but I wish I would've brought more Disney related stuff, I really wanted to get a Alice and Wonderland teacup maybe next time.

When we first got to Orlando we went to Target and Walmart to pick up daily essentials that we forgot to pack. I found this Hello Kitty hand sanitizer at Target by the beauty travel section. At Walmart I found one of my favorite Japanese candies, Botan Rice Candy! You can find it at the foreign food section you should check out your local Walmart to see if they sell it!

On one of our days we went to The Mall at Millenia and I headed straight to Urban Outfitters because we don't have one anywhere near us. I wanted to check what Korean brands they have to offer. I ended up picking up a lot of the Tony Moly products, like the perfume bar, eye corrector, and the so cool eye cream that I love so much! I also bought the full-size Batiste blush dry shampoo and the Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe herbs and rosewater.

At the mall I also went to LUSH (which we also don't have) and got a free Cupcake mask because I had 5 of their tubs (yes I brought them all the way to Florida). LUSH recently came out with six new shampoo bars and I bought the Brazilliant bar which is suppose to tame thick curly hair, which I happen to have. It has a strong citrus scent that I absolutely adore!

Can't forget about my bae, Baymax! It's the only Disney item that I got.

When I got home from my vacation a package from Birchbox was waiting for me! I ordered from them a week before hoping to get these products before my trip but sadly it didn't show up in time! Inside was the Shea Terra Organics Argan + Green Coffee eye serum and the Ahava Rich Cleansing cream (my favorite cleanser). I'm in the process of using natural skincare products.

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My Trip To Orlando ♥ Vacation Pictures

Last week I hardly updated my blog because I was out of state on vacation! My family and I went on a short trip to Florida to escape from the cold winter weather. We stayed in Orlando for three days and visited Disney's Hollywood Studios and shopped a lot! I wish the trip could have been longer but sadly now I'm back home where the weather is cold and it even snowed last night! *signs*

My bags packed ready for a 6-8 hour road trip. I get carsick very easily so I was not looking forward to this ride!

As soon as we got to our hotel room we went to a nearby Target to buy items we forgot to bring like toothpaste and body wash. I got to try the new Starbucks tiramisu frappuccino with coconut milk (I usually always get soy milk but I wanted to try the new coconut milk) and I wasn't a fan of it however the tiramisu frappuccino is amazing, just make sure you get it with soy instead of coconut milk!

Fixing my face in the morning. These are the products I brought with me to Florida.

The next day we went to Downtown Disney (or Disney Springs as they're now calling it) and I found Baymax caramel apples!

 Of course I had to buy an apple because I'm obsessed with Baymax! As you will see...

Speaking of Baymax! This is from Disney's Hollywood Studios. I could only find this Big Hero 6 stand with Baymax plush. They only had the big size but I went ahead and got him because he's my bae!

Isn't he the marshmallowest! I love him so much!

That was my trip to Florida. Sorry I didn't take too many pictures! I was trying to relax and wan't concerned about blogging or work or anything! I just wanted to enjoy myself. I will be posting a haul tomorrow!

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February Happy Mail ♥ Monthly Subscriptions

It's time for some Happy Mail! I always look forward to receiving my Happy Mail because I am a stationary fanatic and love playing around with stickers, cards, etc! When I saw the sneak peak of the February Happy Mail I couldn't wait to get my envelope in my mailbox! This Happy Mail featured some of my favorite cards so far. The cards were very spring like with floral and pastel themed cards.

Happy Mail overview
Here are six of the eight cards. I am absolutely in love with the coffee and doughnut cards! I also love the pastel colors of the Happy Birthday and I Miss You cards.

Here is the other two cards and a rose postcard with the words "Just Because" written over the roses. This month's Happy Mail features a lot of the checklist style cards, which I think is a great idea for those occasions that don't really have events.

I also got a white pencil with golden letters written over it. The word stickers are one of my favorite parts from this month's Happy Mail! I can't wait to use them in my planner! There is also six color wheel stickers which you can stick to the back of envelopes.

Lastly is this very colorful print. The print has a rainbow painted effect with the phrase "Create The Things You Wish Existed" in gold letters.

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Days 47-53 ♥ 365 Challenge

Day 47: My breakfast, coffee shop oatmeal with bananas topped off with cinnamon.

Day 48: I finally got a copy of The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask!

Day 49: Packing for Orlando!

Day 50: We went to Downtown Disney and found Baymax caramel apples!

Day 51: On Friday it was my baby Lucy's birthday! She turned 1 year old.

Day 52: We went to Disney's Hollywood Studios on Saturday. I found a whole stand with Big Hero 6/Baymax merchandise. Don't worry I brought a Baymax home!

Day 53: I sent most of my day driving home today so I'm sharing another picture from my trip to Disney. I will be posting a whole post on my trip later this week. These are the special Starbucks cups you get at the Disney parks.

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February Birchbox ♥ Monthly Subscription

My February Birchbox arrived the other day in a florescent orange-red and purple box. Inside were amazing new sample-size products that may or may not become a new treasure in my makeup or skincare routine. I've tried countless of samples from Birchbox before and every so often I find an amazing beauty product that changes my beauty regime. I've discovered many products from them that I use daily and hopefully this month's box I may possibly find a new addition to add to my collection.

List of products
Bow overview
Parlor By Jeff Chastain Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray Full-size, $24
What: This celeb stylist's new nondrying spray gives you soft, beachy waves-and smells amazing.
How: Spray evenly onto damp or dry hair and style with fingers for a tousled look.

Jules And Esther Cucumber Eye Gel Full-size, $27
What: This soothing, botanical-infused treatment combats puffiness, wrinkles, and dark circles.
How: Using your ring finger, dab gel lightly around eye area morning and night.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Full-size, $24
What: This brand new mascara gives lashes dramatic curl and lift for an eye-opening look.
How: Sweep the innovative Hook 'n' Roll brush along lashes for glam that lasts up to 12 hours.

What's inside this month's pillow pack?

Clean Skin Eau de Parfum Full-size, $69
What: This light, alluring fragrance mimics the subtle scent of bare skin.
How: Spritz on for a fresh blend of lotus blossom, blue rose, honeydew, and white musk.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet Full-size, $39
What: This gel-cream, derived from antioxidant-rich grapes, hydrates skin and reduces redness.
How: Twice daily, spread a small amount onto hands, and apply to face in even strokes.

I choose the Parlor sea salt spray as my sample choice of this month because I love trying out different sea salt mists to create mermaid beach waves. I was really excited to find not one but two skincare items this month! The cucumber eye gel and the Caudalie moisturizing sorbet. Benefit Cosmetics is coming with a new mascara called the Roller Lash and they're giving Birchbox subscribers a first try at their mascara!  So overall I loved this month's box but unfortunately I won't be using the mini fragrance sample (because I never do) but aside from that I can't wait to test out the rest of the samples!

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