My Workout Playlist ♥ Fitness Friday

Listening to upbeat dance-like music is essential when working out, at least for me! Today I'm sharing the workout playlist I listen when I exercise. This playlist is different from my previous playlists because it features music from all types of genres! As you guys know I am a huge fan of kpop and as a result most of my playlists feature a majority of Korean pop songs. I do however listen to other genres outside of the kpop world, which you will hear (I did sprinkle a couple of kpop songs in the playlist). Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this playlist because I love working out with these songs because they're so catchy and keep your blood pumping throughout your whole workouts!

P.S. This playlist is over an hour long so you can listen to the whole playlist while you workout and don't have to worry about songs repeating.

Check out the whole playlist here
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