My First Week Progress ♥ Fitness Friday

Last Friday I mentioned my 10 fitness resolutions so today I am sharing the progress of my first week of 2014 and how many of the 10 goals I followed so far. I think I might do this type of post once every month just to keep you guys updated on how well (or not) I am doing on my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Plus, it will certainly motivated me to make better fitness decisions if I document it on here.

1. Drink 87 ounces of water a day
I haven't actually kept track of how much water I've been drinking but I bought a 32 oz water bottle and have at least filled it up twice a day (sometimes more). 

2. Workout 5 days a week (or more)
Yep! I've been working out almost every single day and I'm so proud of myself for keeping this up! However, I really haven't done that much cardio because my treadmill broke last week so I have to find other ways to work in my cardio.

3. Get a "tall" instead of a "grande" at Starbucks
I've only gotten Starbucks once so far this year and yes it was a tall.

4. Do yoga twice a week

5. Drink 2 smoothies a day (one of those being a green)
I'm kind of having trouble with this one I'm not sure why. I use to be a heavy smoothie drinker and now I can barely finish one. I'll keep you guys updated.

6. Walk Lucy as much as possible
I just got my running sneakers today (it's those beauties in the picture) so I plan of walking her as soon as the weather warms up a little more.

7. Drink less coffee and more tea
I feel like I haven't had coffee in forever because all I've been drinking is green tea! Usually I get these big headaches when I don't drink coffee but surprisingly I'm alright so far. However I do have a slight urge to gulp down a freshly brewed iced coffee, hopefully this weekend.

8. No eating after 8pm
Even though I was terrified of this resolution at first I only ate after 8 pm twice this week. The reason why is because on both of those days I took a nap and didn't wake up until after 8pm.

9. Plan out my meals
I mentally prepared a few of meals in my head but I haven't physically written down anything down on paper. I plan on keeping a fitness journal with all of my workouts and meals, hopefully I can start it this weekend.

10. Learn to cook
Still working on this one. I prepared a few of my usual meals (like wraps and eggs) but I haven't really challenged myself to cook something different. This will be one of those on going goals.

Overall I think my first week was pretty darn good. For those wondering I'm not on any crazy detox or cleanse. I'm simply eating foods that are good for me and my body and cutting down on the unhealthy junk but not restricting myself from anything. For example it was my younger sister's birthday earlier this week and yes I ate a slice of cake (it was the best cake I ever tasted!) normally I would've eaten another slice (or two!) but not this time. Also, like I mentioned above I haven't had any crazy cravings or headaches (which has happen before when I've gone on previous "diets" or cleanses). Instead I have a lot more energy and my whole body feels healthy!

How are your health and fitness resolutions so far?
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