January Happy Mail ♥ Monthly Subscription

Every month I look forward on receiving my Happy Mail in my mailbox because you never know what cute and quirky stationary goodies are hidden inside. Let's take a look at what exciting treasures await inside!

Here are five of the seven of the cards and a colorful camera postcard, which you can send to your photographer friends.

These are the two other cards. A splasy welcome home card and an adorable dachshund in a sweater and heart shaped sunnies horizontal card!

Also in my Happy Mail package were some gifts tags, love coupons, and 5 strips of washi stickers. So cute!

I can't wait to use these love coupons!

This month's print is an assortment of cheeses. I'm a huge cheese lover so I find this print both funny and cute.

My favorite card hands down has to be Happy Birthday card with all of the pinatas! Paired together with the matching rainbow envelope, it's a party waiting to happen!

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  1. I love the happy mail subscription, can't wait to receive mine!